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94-Year-Old Grandpa Makes Impressive Recovery from Stroke Thanks to His Great-Grandkids

Ayesha Muhammad
Jan 26, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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Despite being 88 and 91 years apart, two siblings were best friends with their great-grandpa. The unique connection they shared helped the older man recover from his stroke and stay strong while battling Dementia.


It's often said that grandparents love their grandkids much more than their own. Kids who grow up with their grandparents tend to be less emotionally distressed, as their elderly friends can come down to their level and shower them with extra TLC. 

After hearing the story of two adorable children and their incredible great-grandpa, you'd be reminded of your childhood and love for your grandparents and great-grandparents. 

The elderly man playing with his great-grandkids [Left]. Little Mera bonding with her "pawpaw" [Right]. | Photo: Morning America



Mera and Bowen were fortunate to grow up surrounded by their great-grandparents. They were so close to their great-granddad that the trio was practically inseparable. One of their family members told Good Morning America:

“They really are best friends…They love to garden together. They love to swing together, to sing together." 

The kids' great-grandpa, or "pawpaw," got down to their level and connected with them in a way that surprised everyone. 

Mera and Bowen's great-grandpa. | Photo: Morning America



Even when the children were little, their pawpaw loved rolling on the floor and picking them up. The affectionate great-grandfather saw his great-grandchildren achieve their milestones and cherished everyday moments.

While pawpaw's Dementia would likely make things complicated with time, his loved ones have learned to cherish what they have now.

Indeed, he was the leader of his little pack. Mera and Bowen's pawpaw was particular about his fitness and never stopped going to the gym even in his 90s. 

Mera and Bowen swinging with their great-grandpa. | Photo: Morning America



Unfortunately, things went awry when the 94-year-old man suffered a stroke in fall 2021. He was also diagnosed with Dementia at the time, which reflected his inability to recall things and make decisions. 

One of the family members explained that they told the kids about their pawpaw's condition because they worried it would affect the trio's relationship dynamics. 

But the family realized that their fears were unnecessary because Mera and Bowen still enjoyed their great-grandpa's company.

Mera and Bowen fishing with their great-grandpa. | Photo: Morning America



The family members noted that the caring great-grandpa only focused on cherishing the present and strengthening his bond with the kids. One of the family members also explained:

“After he got to see them, the more he got to see them, it was like leaps and bounds. I think that kind of brought that to the forefront of his mind of what he had to fight for, and be present for.”

Thanks to his little best friends, the older man recovered from the stroke and adjusted to his new condition. While pawpaw's Dementia will likely make things complicated with time, his loved ones have learned to value what they have now.


For now, he knows his family and everything about them, including their names and also the fact that he loves them and they love him in return. Undoubtedly, being surrounded by your loved ones is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

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