Silent taxi driver says "You're a very pretty girl" to scared woman who tries to escape his cab | Shutterstock
Source: Silent taxi driver says "You're a very pretty girl" to scared woman who tries to escape his cab | Shutterstock

Quiet Taxi Driver Says 'You're a Very Pretty Girl' to Scared Woman Who Tries to Escape His Car

Rita Kumar
Jan 29, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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A frightened young woman tries to escape a cab she was riding at night after a silent taxi driver says, “You’re a very pretty girl.” 


After watching a horror/thriller, a young woman recounted a similar incident on her way home one night and thought posting it on Reddit’s “LetsNotMeet” sub would caution readers.

Redditor audreyhepburn89 claimed the spine-chilling encounter still bothered her years later. But before getting into how it all started, she explained why she was out there alone that night.

Woman blindly trusts an unfamiliar cab driver | Photo: Shutterstock


When this happened a few years ago, the Original Poster (OP) had just started dating her now-husband. The couple would often meet up after he finished his work. 

OP’s boyfriend usually took his bike as he’d lived a few miles away from her and his workplace. Sometimes, the two would even meet up with their friends. 

After that, the guy would walk OP to a taxi. This was their routine almost every other day. OP said she’d wave him goodbye from the cab, and her boyfriend would immediately bike home. However, nothing seemed off until one frightful night. 

The woman usually took a cab home after meeting her boyfriend | Photo: Unsplash


The woman occasionally checked if the taxi driver had an ID with a picture that matched his face and if the company existed. 

Sometimes, she would contact the company to ensure the person worked there. She said it might sound paranoid to some and revealed why she started doing this. 

He then put his hand on her leg and said, “You know, you’re a very pretty girl.”

The woman got into a taxi after meeting her boyfriend one such night. The driver was silent, and she vaguely assumed he was exhausted or a bit shy. 

OP hired a taxi on that fateful night | Photo: Unsplash


Since she was a bit introverted, OP found the guy’s silence relatable. She just told him where she lived and sat back comfortably. 

To get to her parent’s house where she lived at the time, she’d have to usually take a long road, pass through a street around a mile long, and then take either of the two turns on the way. 

Though missing one of these turns wouldn’t matter much, ignoring the second one would lead to the countryside and nothing else for the next few miles.

To get to her parents' house, they had to drive through a long road. | Photo: Pexels


To her surprise, the taxi driver missed the first turn. OP didn’t mind and assumed the guy had been daydreaming or didn’t know the area well. She still gave him the benefit of the doubt and told him to keep driving. 

Fear started to kick in when she shouted as he was about to miss the second turn too. But the driver kept driving without uttering a word.

Alarmed, OP immediately grabbed her phone to call the cops. At this point, the driver slammed on the breaks, causing her phone to slip out of her hand. It landed on the floor near her feet.

The woman grabbed her phone to ring the cops | Photo: Unsplash


Then the driver hurriedly reversed the cab without checking for any car behind them. OP sighed relief, assuming he had realized they missed the turn. But because she was already wary about the driver, she suggested getting off right there and just walking. Deep inside, she didn’t want him to know where she lived.

The driver finally spoke, saying he was sorry and that he was tired as it had been a long night. OP felt a bit bad for shouting at him and even suspecting him.

The driver missed the second turn & headed towards the countryside | Photo: Unsplash


At this point, she hurriedly gave him money and asked him to keep the change. The driver slyly thanked her and smiled. But then he suddenly put his hand on her leg and said, “You know, you’re a very pretty girl.”

OP felt it was awkward. She smiled back and said good night while trying to get out of the car. She hadn’t managed to get one foot out of the door when she sensed something grab her right arm.

OP tried to get out of the car but in vain | Photo: Pexels


She fell on her right side and tried to get out of the car after pulling herself up again. She managed to get one foot out when the guy suddenly pulled her by her hair.

The woman could feel the pain in her back. She managed to wiggle free and dashed across the street as fast as she could, leaving all her belongings in the car.

OP ran upstairs and immediately called her boyfriend. Then she passed out and woke up the next day. Her boyfriend and parents were gathered around her.

The woman escaped & sprinted home | Photo: Pexels


After informing them what happened, she contacted all the taxi services and cops to find out about the driver. Unfortunately, nobody knew him.  

She wondered if anybody else in her town had run into this guy before and inquired on Facebook. To her shock, many girls, some of whom she knew, said they’d experienced something similar with the guy. Some of them recounted the guy was suspicious, and his intentions were bad.

OP contacted all the taxi services in town to track the driver | Photo: Unsplash


Meanwhile, OP’s boyfriend checked out the spot where she got off the previous night and found all her stuff scattered on the road. OP believed the guy discarded her belongings as he feared getting caught. The cops kept a lookout for him, but the guy was never caught.

The people who read OP’s story flooded the comments section with statements of relief on her escape and advice on the importance of double-checking cabs and drivers before hiring one.

People adviced on the importance of cross-checking cabs & drivers before getting in | Photo: Pexels


“Glad you escaped...There are so many shady people out in the world,” Redditor justhavinalooksee wrote, adding:

“Always check the name, pic, tags, car make, model, and color before getting in your taxi…and put to use the apps like sharing your location with someone from your phone.”

Meanwhile, another person recounted a similar incident after her car broke down, and she was compelled to hire a cab at 6 am.

Some recalled similar incidents | Photo: Pexels


“Due to all the things I’ve seen on Reddit, when I went outside, I made sure the car matched, then before I would get in, I asked him what his name was and who he was picking up,” user TuesDazeGone recounted.

The person then apologized to the driver, saying, “you can never be too safe,” and to her surprise, the guy wasn’t a bit annoyed and had even told her it was indeed a smart way to verify before trusting someone. 

Years later, OP and her husband saw on the news that the creepy driver had finally been arrested after a woman rang the cops following a similar incident.

“[G]lad he was caught and hope he’s learned his lesson!” OP concluded and hoped never to meet the taxi driver again. 


The driver was arrested after a few years | Photo: Pexels

Questions to Ponder:

What precautions can cab companies or the government take to prevent cab drivers like the one in the story from harming passengers? 


There were no records of the cab driver in question when OP later tried to trace him. She later learned that many others had been victims of such incidences too. What can you suggest for cab companies to do to prevent these dangers from happening again?

Why is it important to double-check a driver’s ID before hiring a cab?

Many people who commented on OP’s post shed light on the importance of double-checking a driver’s credentials like name, picture, and even the car’s details before boarding a cab. Some even highlighted the importance of sharing one's location with a relative or friend from the phone for added safety while hiring an unknown driver. Do you think OP could’ve been much safer that night had she double-checked the driver’s credibility and shared her location with her parents/boyfriend?

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