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Mother Shamed after Posting Video of Momma Deer Running to Her Crying Baby: 'Why Is the Baby on the Floor?'

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 04, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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When a woman put her baby son on a wooden deck while enjoying her time looking at the greenery nearby, a female deer emerged out of the trees to see the wailing child.


A TikTok video posted in July 2021 got more than 29 million views. Most viewers were concerned about something other than the deer's strange reaction in the clip. 

After watching the video, viewers posted their concerns in the comments section, compelling the mother to post another video explaining why her baby was lying on the deck.

Source: TikTok / hannaburton


"It's okay!" said the woman while filming her crying baby. She had put him on the wooden deck with a couple of layers of clothing underneath him. 

A few seconds after the baby started crying, an adult deer emerged from the woods. It ran towards the baby but stopped a few steps from the deck, observing the crying baby from afar. The woman pointed the camera at the deer and said:

"This is my baby!"

A deer emerged from the woods | Source: TikTok/hannaburton


Feeling unsafe, she immediately lifted her baby off the deck and stood up. The woman said to her son, "She thinks you're her baby," while the deer stood still and kept looking at them. 

After reading the mixed comments, the woman uploaded another video addressing all the "mom shamers."

The woman uploaded the video on TikTok, expecting people would be surprised after watching the deer's reaction. However, the viewers were more concerned about something else that the woman didn't think about. 

The deer was worried for the wailing baby | Source: TikTok/hannaburton


"That is so sweet of mama dear, but don't put that baby's life in danger again," wrote a viewer. "Just don't understand why he's laying on the ground," commented another TikTok user. Another viewer was amused and wrote:

"So your baby is basically a Disney Royalty that can communicate with animals ? Pretty sweet stuff."

Other viewers guessed that the mama deer came to ask why the baby was crying. They believed the deer was concerned for the baby. After reading the mixed comments, the woman uploaded another video addressing all the "mom shamers."

She was sitting with her baby on the wooden deck | Source: TikTok/hannaburton


The video began with the woman saying, "For those moms shaming me on my last video..." She explained that her baby wasn't lying on the hard deck. 

She showed the layers of padding underneath her son, Charlie, who loved lying on the deck. She assured the viewers that her son was not hurt. She stated:

"He was crying because he was on his tummy and couldn't roll over."

She showed the padding underneath her son | Source: TikTok/hannaburton


"People are mad because he isn't propped up on a couch with a tablet," replied a viewer. She assured the woman that she was doing a great job as a mother. 

Meanwhile, another viewer asked the woman not to pay attention to those comments. She believed the people who commented probably make their children sit in front of the TV all day. Another viewer commented:

"You do not have to explain yourself mama."

Other viewers assured OP she didn't need to explain herself | Source: TikTok/hannaburton

Most viewers felt terrible that other TikTok users focused on shaming her rather than paying attention to what she showed in the video. 

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