Elderly Woman Left Homeless by Tornado Finds Out Stranger Raised $20,000 to Get Her a New House

Dayna Remus
Feb 01, 2022
02:20 P.M.
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After a devastating event ripped through the Bluegrass State, individuals were left desperate and beyond traumatized. But, one victim received a helping hand.


Mayfield, where the movie adaption of the novel "In Country" was filmed in the late 1980s, is one of the many Kentucky towns recently ravaged by a tornado. 

The natural disaster hit the town on December 10, 2021, at nine o'clock at night, leaving tragedy in its wake. There were indistinguishable building remnants, cars dispersed everywhere, and no water or electricity. 

Pamela crying [left]; Pamela carrying a dog while hugging Charlie Jabaley [center]; Pamela crying [right]. | Source:



This wreckage spread throughout the whole state. So, one millionaire philanthropist decided to step up. Having previously spoken about his decision to use his wealth for good, Charlie Jabaley confided

"I was fortunate enough to become a millionaire. But when I got sick, that meant absolutely nothing...I told myself, 'I want to become a new type of millionaire, one that transforms a million people's lives.'"

Taking to Instagram, he asked individuals to donate to his Dream Relief Foundation for the tornado victims. The post went viral, with well-known individuals showing their support in the comments. 



One eternally grateful citizen they helped was 73-year-old grandmother Pamela, who had no place to call home.

This roof-over-her-head surprise also came just in time for Christmas.

Taking to Instagram, Jabaley shared a clip of her receiving the good news: $20,000 had been raised to purchase a new house for her.



The street-worn woman immediately burst into tears and began thanking them profusely. In another video of her speaking about her new home, the grandmother expressed how speechless she was:

"I just don't know what to say. It's like a dream come true." 


The millionaire also shared a post of Pamela's first day at her new house -- she was still highly emotional. The new homeowner stated that her favorite part of having her place is that it belongs only to her. 

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All the clips of Pamela or "Pam" became extremely popular, pulling in many comments of individuals who wrote how much her story touched their hearts. Fashion Model Gabriela Clesca Vallejo penned

"Ommmgggg😭😭😭😭 Thank youuuu for everything you’re doing❤️❤️❤️❤️ [sic]."

This roof-over-her-head surprise also came just in time for Christmas, with many wishing the elderly woman happy holidays after all the trauma she has endured. 



These heartfelt Instagram clips kept flowing in. Mary had lost her home too and also received money, precisely $30,000, for a new house. Like Pam, she immediately began crying with happiness when she found out. 

Dustin Farmer was also a blessed beneficiary, receiving $25,000 after his business crumbled to the ground because of the natural disaster.

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Although Jabaley has played a vital role in raising funds, those who donate are making a big difference as well. Beyond gifting money, Bobbie Ann Mason, who originally comes from Mayfield, claimed:


Within hours of the disaster, help began flowing in

. People all over the country packed their vehicles with supplies and headed for Mayfield."

Mason stated that the fairgrounds were filled with all types of contributions. These supplies included bedding, water, pet food, and so much more. 



Of course, the community surrounding Jabaley and his foundation have gone far beyond the tornado which hit Kentucky. 

Touring around the country, the foundation came across Tony Rojas -- a homeless chef in Colorado Springs who lost his job because of the pandemic. 

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One of his dreams was to own a food truck and so not only did the organization manage to present him with this but also set a goal of raising $100,000. 

This money is to help pay off the truck and find a place for him to live in. What Mason refers to as "a spirit of generosity" appears to be alive and well.

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