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Inside Gordon Ramsay's Tragic Family past Where His Mother Feared for Her Own Life

Laura Beatham
Feb 01, 2022
04:10 A.M.
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Gordon Ramsay had a tough time growing up in council flats with his abusive father. However, the "Next Level Chef" star's mother, Helen, has been his ultimate supporter throughout it. 


Gordon Ramsay is most known for his impressive cooking skills, bad temper, and his foul mouth in many TV shows including, "Hell's Kitchen," "Restaurant Nightmares," and "The F-Word."

However, many of his fans might not know that before he became known as one of the best chefs, he lived in council flats in the United Kingdom with his siblings, his mother, Helen, and his father, Gordon. 

Gordon Ramsay on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in 2016 [Left] Ramsay and his mother, Helen Ramsay, during the "Junior Edition: Mom Knows Best" episode of "Masterchef" in 2014 [Right] | YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live & Getty Images


The celebrity chef's father was an alcoholic and abusive towards his family, making his childhood extremely tough. Gordon Snr. was particularly harsh to his wife and would often break Helen's belongings and beat her. 

There were instances in his childhood where police would remove Ramsay's father from their home, Helen would go to the hospital for her injuries, and social services would put the Ramsay children in a children's home. 


In an essay for CNN, Ramsay wrote how he felt about his volatile father's behavior. He explained that children should never live with fear in their own home, but for him, that was not the case, and likewise, his mother "feared for her life."

Another effect of his father's behavior was that the family constantly moved around because Gordon Snr. would often get into fights with someone from work or a neighbor or get fired, so they would have to move to a new area. 


The loving son shared he never understood why his mother stayed with his father because she deserves so much more. However, Ramsay's mother was his biggest supporter throughout it all and remained by his side.

Ramsay learned how he wanted to raise his children through his father's actions because he could not imagine himself behaving as his father did to his children. Instead, Ramsay wants his children to see him as a role model and look up to him.


Although Ramsay had a problematic relationship with his father, he told the Telegraph that he did regret "making up with him" because he passed in 1997. After all, he was "in a position to forgive but not forget and move on."

Ramsay's tough childhood has turned into an essential passion in his life, as he and his wife, Tana, are ambassadors for Woman's aid and have raised over £500,000 for the organization in the past. 


Ramsay and Tana welcomed five children together. Their eldest, Megan, was born in 1998. According to Hollywood Life, she studied psychology at Oxford University and later worked as an account executive.

The couple then welcomed twins Jack and Holly in 2000. Holly pursued a modeling career after studying fashion, while Jack joined the Royal Marines in 2020. Jack does not have Instagram. However, Holly (and her other siblings) regularly share pictures of themselves and Jack online. 

Later, Matilda was born in 2001. Matilda is arguably the most recognizable Ramsay child as she had created an impressive career as a social media influencer and TV personality. Her youngest brother, Oscar, was born in 2019 and already had an Instagram account.