Little Boy Daily Visits Homeless Beggar with Dog, Once He Sees Dog Sad and Alone – Story of the Day

Monica Otayza
Feb 10, 2022
09:00 A.M.

A little boy named Andrew would often approach a homeless man named George who always sat with his dog Rocky to beg on the streets. Andrew enjoyed interacting with George and his dog, until one day, he found the dog alone.


Andrew was an independent six-year-old who would always walk home from school as it was only two blocks away from his house. Before getting home, he would pass by a bus shed where a homeless man named George would be sitting with his dog.

"Hi Mr. George, hi Rocky!" Andrew would greet them. Likewise, George would greet him with a smile and a wave, while Rocky would wag his tail when Andrew came closer.

"How are you today, young Andrew?" George would ask. Then they'd talk about random things for a couple of minutes until Andrew went on his way. He would also be sure to give George and Rocky a snack, which he often got from his school cafeteria.

Andrew would always spend a couple of minutes interacting with George and his dog Rocky. | Photo: Imagebb

Andrew would always spend a couple of minutes interacting with George and his dog Rocky. | Photo: Imagebb


"Today's menu is a peanut butter sandwich for Rocky, and a hotdog sandwich for you, Mr. George!" Andrew said with a smile one day. He sat beside George on the bus shed and took the wrapped sandwiches out of his school bag.

"Thank you, sweetheart. Bless your soul," George said as he got the food.

"Mr. George, but can I ask you a question? I realized I never got to ask you this," Andrew said as he watched George gulp down the hotdog.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Where do you and Rocky sleep? You don't stay here twenty-four hours in a day, do you?" Andrew questioned.

"No, sweet boy. The cops would kick us out of here if they found us sleeping here at night. We stay at an abandoned house. The owners haven't returned in years, and the government hasn't done anything about that small shed. So that's where we stay at night," George explained.

"I see," Andrew replied. After a short pause, he said: "I'm glad you have a place to sleep every night, but I hope one day, it doesn't have to be in an abandoned house."

George would not go anywhere without Rocky, and Rocky stayed loyal to him. | Photo: Pexels

George would not go anywhere without Rocky, and Rocky stayed loyal to him. | Photo: Pexels


George and Andrew started to become closer to one another thanks to their daily talks. This went on for a while until one day, Andrew was surprised that only Rocky was on the shed.

"Rocky! What happened? Where is Mr. George?" Andrew said, running to the dog. Rocky looked sad and worried as he sat in front of the bowl where people threw money in.

When the dog saw Andrew, it immediately got up. He took some money from the bowl by his mouth and ran down the street as if he was expecting Andrew to follow after him.

He did, and Rocky led him to an abandoned house. When he entered, he suddenly heard a loud cough. "Mr. George!" he said, panicking. The homeless man was lying on the floor, in pain. He looked relieved to see Andrew.

"I think I'm dying," George mustered up the strength to say. "I told Rocky to go to the shed hoping you would pass by," he said weakly.

Rocky waited for Andrew to come so he could take him to George. | Photo: Pexels

Rocky waited for Andrew to come so he could take him to George. | Photo: Pexels


Immediately, Andrew used his feature phone to call an ambulance. His parents warned him to only use the phone for emergencies, and he believed this was one of them. In just a couple of minutes after calling 911, an ambulance arrived and took George.

Andrew couldn't go with him because his parents would be worried sick. Instead, he promised George he would take care of Rocky until he was back. "I promise, Mr. George, Rocky will be okay," Andrew said as George was wheeled into the ambulance.

That afternoon, Andrew had to tell his parents what happened. "Mom, dad, every day from school, I would pass by a man named Mr. George and his dog Rocky on the bus shed. They are poor, but they are very kind. Mr. George is sick and is in the hospital. I called the ambulance so that he could be taken there. He couldn't walk and could barely talk," he explained.

Andrew's parents were both worried and proud. "Oh, sweetheart. You have such a kind heart," his mom said. "You saved that man's life," she said, giving him a hug.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of George's hardships. After a couple of minutes, an unknown number called Andrew's phone and it turned out to be the hospital. He immediately passed the phone on to his mom.

Andrew told his parents about George and Rocky. | Photo: Pexels

Andrew told his parents about George and Rocky. | Photo: Pexels

"Hello, this is Nurse Adams. I'm calling you because this was the number that called the ambulance a while ago. for Mr. George Adams. He said he has no other close contact," she started. We would just like to inform you that Mr. Adams' bill is already at $500, and this is expected to reach about $2000 until he recovers from severe pneumonia," Nurse Adams explained.

"Oh, dear. Thank you for letting me know, but to tell you honestly, I have no idea where we're going to get that money," Andrew's mom, Millie, admitted.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but until we get a downpayment, we're unable to do procedures on him," the nurse said before putting the phone down.

Millie explained what had happened, and Andrew asked if they could pay for Mr. George's treatments. "I'm sorry, sweetheart, but we just don't have any money at the moment," his dad, James, said.


James wasn't lying, and Andrew knew it. They were not a rich family and only had enough to get by daily, so he decided to come up with something else.

Andrew got a piece of cardboard from their garage and wrote with a thick marker: "My owner is sick and I am the only one who can help him. Please help us."

George stayed at the hospital for a couple of days while Rocky and Andrew tried to raise money for him. | Photo: Pexels

George stayed at the hospital for a couple of days while Rocky and Andrew tried to raise money for him. | Photo: Pexels

While George was at the hospital, Andrew took Rocky to the shed every day before school. He placed the cardboard in front of Rocky, as well as the bowl where people could place money. He also left Rocky some food and water until he can come back for him after school.

Before Andrew even knew it, people started to take notice of Rocky. His photos were scattered on the internet, and the whole city found out about his story. While some people donated directly to Rocky's bowl, some generous donors went so far as to wait for Andrew and his parents at the shed to make larger donations.


In just a couple of days, George's entire stay at the hospital was fully paid. When he recovered and was discharged from the hospital, he asked, "Who paid for my hospital bill?"

"Rocky and I put up a piece of cardboard saying you needed some money. So many people from all over the city donated! Can you believe it?" Andrew said excitedly.

"Oh, Andrew. You've saved my life not once, but twice. Thank you for all your help. And thank you, Rocky," George replied while trying to hold back his tears.

At that moment, Andrew's parents introduced themselves to George. "Hi, I'm Millie, Andrew's mom. Thank you so much for being so kind to our son. While he and Rocky were fundraising for your hospital bills, so many people were touched by their loyalty to you, so the donations were overflowing! Here is all of the extra money that we gathered," she said, handing him an envelope.

Millie handed George the excess donations that Rocky and Andrew gathered. | Photo: Pexels

Millie handed George the excess donations that Rocky and Andrew gathered. | Photo: Pexels


George was in shock. He opened the envelope and saw $850. "Thank you so much. This is enough for me to rent a small room for myself and for Rocky, and to get a fresh set of clothes so I can apply for jobs," George said.

After a couple of weeks, George came back to the shed, this time without his baggy clothes but in a crisp polo shirt and jeans. He waited for Andrew to come, and when he did, he waved excitedly.

"Mr. George! Rocky!" he ran towards them.

"Hey, Andrew! We have a little surprise for you," George said, handing him an open box. Andrew gasped and took the box from George.

"It's a PUPPY!!!!" he squealed excitedly. "Thank you, Mr. George! Thank you Rocky!" he said, giving them both hugs.

Mr. George knew that Andrew had always wanted a puppy, so he decided to get one for him once he was able to save up. He had rented an affordable room, found a job at a fast-food restaurant, and was earning money for himself so that he and Rocky no longer had to beg on the streets.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Animals are family, too. Animals, like dogs, are intelligent beings that are capable of loving humans. Like Rocky, there are many dogs around the world who are loving, loyal, and protective towards their humans.
  • Being kind costs nothing. Andrew might have been young, but he had so much kindness in his heart that it changed the life of George for good.

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