Tammy Slaton's 2022 Has Included Being in a Medically Induced Coma and Losing Her Home

Esther NJeri
Feb 11, 2022
09:50 A.M.
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Tammy Slaton has struggled with her weight-loss journey for more years than one can count on a hand. Her disregard for a healthy lifestyle, despite the implications, has her fans seething.


"1000-lb Sisters" star Tammy and Amy Slaton have struggled with health issues since they were children. Their food addiction cropped from being left unsupervised after the demise of their grandmother, who was their primary caretaker.

By the time they landed the reality show, they were both in dire need of weight loss surgery. Geared up by the desire to one day have a family, Amy stuck to her diet and soon qualified for gastric bypass surgery.

"1000-Lb Sisters" stars Tammy and Amy Slaton | Photo:


On the other hand, her older sister, Tammy, could not commit to a healthy lifestyle, and as long as she weighed over 600 pounds, she could not qualify for bariatric surgery.

The show has chronicled the sisters' journey, especially Tammy, who has struggled the most. Fans have followed her journey and seen her make irresponsible choices regarding her health.

Her continued disregard for sticking to a healthy diet and getting into unhealthy relationships has made her weight loss journey more difficult. It is also why she has ended up in food rehab several times.

"1000-LB Sisters" star Tammy Slaton | Photo:



The "1000-lb Sister" reality show has followed sisters Amy and Tammy as they struggle with their food addictions and weight loss journey, and while Amy has made some commendable headway, Tammy is yet to achieve her weight-loss goals.

In seasons 2 and 3, Tammy got involved in some unhealthy relationships. Despite knowing she needed to stay off unhealthy foods, her love interests instead encouraged her to indulge.

Tammy's weight loss goals have become increasingly difficult to achieve in the long run, and fans want her to be held responsible for her choices. However, Tammy feels her fans are to blame for her lack of progress.


Tammy Slaton says it us unhelpful that commentors are making hurtful remarks about her recent weight gain, February, 2021. | Photo: YouTube/TLC.

She recently confessed that her fanbase was holding her down and was "disloyal." In a since-deleted TikTok video, the reality star admitted that her fans did not give her any credit for "trying." 


While it would do her good to have supportive fans, her current ones are tired of her reckless behavior. One angry fan was not afraid to hit the nail on the head and commented, as Screen Rant reports:

"She wants enablers... [Tammy] can't keep blaming other people because they aren't giving [her] pats for 'trying.'"

Tammy Slaton pictured in a clip of her reality series "1000-lb Sisters." | Photo: YouTube/TLC



2022 is barely two months in, yet so much has happened to Tammy. In the season 3 finale, fans learned that Tammy had been rushed to hospital as she had "taken a turn for the worse."

After an emotional decision to return to her weight loss rehab facility in Ohio, following her struggles with depression, heavy drinking, and vaping, more bad news awaited her family.

Tammy with her little nephew, Gage | Photo: YouTube/TLC


Tammy's brother Chris and his wife Brittany had just dropped her off at the facility when they received a call that "she had quit breathing." The call said that Tammy's lungs had "given up," and her body was shutting down. Their sister Amanda said:

 "So at this point, you know, we're facing making funeral arrangements for my little sister."

The doctors quickly put her on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma. Chris says they did not know if their sister would make it through the night or the next hour. 

Tammy Slaton on an episode of "1000-lb Sisters" | Photo: YouTube/TLC


He says they stayed with her for four days, and fortunately, on their last day there, Tammy woke up from her coma and kept saying she loved them and wanted to go home. 

Once awake, the doctors gave her a tracheotomy, a surgical procedure that involved creating a hole and inserting a tube through her throat for emergency breathing support. 

Scene from "1000-LB Sisters" where Amy opened up about her weight loss on February 10, 2020 | Photo:


Three weeks later, she was out of the hospital and back in rehab. Following the health scare, her family was grateful that she survived, calling it a miracle. Amy said of her sister, as People reports.

"She's okay. She's still alive. She has her life."

Tammy has since made some remarkable progress, and she's down 115 pounds since her return to rehab, barely 30 days ago. Earlier in the episode, she disclosed she was "fed up with being sick all the time." 

Tammy and Amy during an episode of the show "1000-lbs Sisters" | Source: YouTube/TLC UK



While fans worry about her health issues and her aversion to sticking to a healthy lifestyle, Tammy seems to have put her worries to rest for a quick minute and was pictured dancing with a mysterious man in rehab.

In the TikTok video, the star who is wheelchair-bound is dancing next to a man, who she tagged as @tonycapone1124. And while some applauded her for making new friends, others bashed her for not taking her health seriously. 

A screenshot of Tammy Slaton with ex-boyfriend Phillip. Her love interests encouraged her to eat unhealthy | Photo: YouTube/TLC


One skeptical fan felt the star was not taking her time in rehab seriously and shared his thoughts with an irate comment under the video, saying, according to The Sun:

"Are you taking your health seriously?"

The outrage from fans came after yet another of Tammy's bad choices in season 2 when she left the rehab before reaching her doctor-recommended weight. She said she'd work on her weight by herself but instead gained a few more pounds. 

Tammy Slaton on Season 3 Episode 12 of the "1000-lb Sisters" show | Photo: YouTube/TLC



In addition to dealing with numerous health complications relating to her food addiction and weight, the 35-year-old might soon be homeless.

Tammy and Amy lived together in a $239,000 four bedrooms and two bathrooms duplex in Dixon, Kentucky, before Amy moved out and bought a new $37,000 home. 

"1000 LB. Sisters' stars Tammy and Amy Slaton | Photo: YouTube/TLC


And now, according to her sister Amy, Tammy has "lost her house because she can't afford rent." Amy claims that her sister cannot pay rent because her whole social security check pays for the pricey rehab stay. She told The Sun:

"That's why I hear she doesn't have a place to live because she can't afford the rent. When she comes out, she'll stay with me for a little bit, soon as we find a place, she'll go there."

Amy claimed that the show's network TLC previously paid for the rehab stays, on top of paying the sisters. However, Tammy's social security is covering the bills this time around.