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2-Year-Old Boy Saves Family of 7 from a Deadly House Fire

Brittany Chalmers
Feb 15, 2022
07:40 P.M.
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One family narrowly escaped the devastating flames when their house caught on fire. After the ordeal, they shared how the youngest member of their family saved their lives. 


Last month a family was sleeping soundly as a fire started in their Alvord, Texas home. Nathan and Kayla Dahl were recovering from Covid-19 and could not smell the smoke in their house. They were inside with their five kids. 

In the early morning hours, flames engulfed most of their home, and the Dahl family might not have survived the incident if two-year-old Brandon did not come to their rescue. 

The Dahl family home engulfed in flames [left] All that remains of the Dahls' house [right] | Photo: facebook.com/decaturtxfd youtube.com/Good Morning America



As a volunteer firefighter, Nathan had trained his kids for a fire-related emergency. Still, because of his covid diagnosis, he was unaware of the looming danger just outside his door. He stated: "We had a plan. We've had a plan."

The family also had newly installed smoke detectors that did not alert the family. Thankfully, baby Brandon realized something was wrong. 

Toddler Brandon who warned his family when their house was on fire | Photo: youtube/Good Morning America



The youngster, who was still learning to talk, made his way through a burning room to get to his parents, where he spoke two life-saving words. Brandon said: "Momma, hot!"

Kayla could not believe her eyes when she woke up and saw the smoke and the fire. She expressed: "I just saw the flames coming out of the living room and into our bedroom."

Nathan and Kayla Dahl speak about their toddler who saved their lives | Photo: youtube/WFAA



Nathan also added that it was a miracle they all made it out because they had mere seconds before something tragic was bound to happen. After seeing the flames' height, he knew their house was already gone. 

The Dahl family lost everything and was overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of their community members. Many people donated clothing, furniture, and toys. They also received thousands of dollars via a GoFundMe page. 

The Dahl family home completely destroyed after the fire | Photo: youtube/Good Morning America



The family is focused on rebuilding their lives one day at a time, and while they have lost a lot, they are aware of how lucky they were to survive with their lives. 

The Dahls were immeasurably grateful to their brave son and in awe that none of them suffered any burns or serious injuries. Kayla expressed: "He saved our entire family. I mean, he's our little mini hero."

The Dahl family | Photo: youtube/Good Morning America



Kayla revealed that she still cannot believe her toddler managed to get to their room and wake her. She attributed the miracle to God and expressed: "We're honestly just chalking it up to the fact that God said, 'I'm not done with y'all.'" 

Along with the rest of her family, she has a new view of just how precious life is. They will never forget the life-changing incident and what it taught them—to value the things and people that matter the most.



Children are often most vulnerable in emergencies, but sometimes they manage to save the day, just like baby Brandon. In October last year, a nine-year-old girl saved her family by calling 911.

Jayline Barbosa Brandao used her father's face to unlock his phone before dialing the emergency number. A generator that they brought into their home emitted high levels of carbon monoxide and left her parents in a near-fatal condition.

Thanks to her actions, emergency responders made it to their house and saved her parents. Brandao was an unlikely hero, just like Brandon, and both kids can be proud of themselves for their quick thinking and attentiveness. 


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