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Lisa Ann Walter Is a Mother of 4 Children Including Identical Twins - Meet Her Family

Esther NJeri
Feb 16, 2022
06:40 A.M.
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Lisa Ann Walter has had a booming career in film for the last 26 years, such as in the blockbuster "War of the Worlds," but she has also successfully raised four beautiful children, including identical twins. 


Lisa Ann Walter gained indelible fame after starring in the 1998 romantic comedy "The Parent Trap," about twins Hallie Parker and Annie James, who fortuitously reunite at summer camp after being separated at birth.

Two years after the movie's release, Walter gave birth to her twins in real life. Coincidentally, her twins, Simon and Spencer, were born on October 11, the same date as the twins in the movie.

"Abbott Elementary" star Lisa Ann Walter | Source: Getty Images


Besides her twins, 21, Walter is also the mother to two other children, son Jordan and daughter Delia. The proud mother often flaunts her babies on Instagram, sharing cute throwback photos from their earlier years. 

To keep their childhood memories alive, she has shared numerous photos of her pregnancies, her kid's firsts, as well as commemorations of their birthdays. 


From Jordan's Instagram, fans also got to learn that Walter's firstborn son is now engaged to his long-time girlfriend. Accompanying a cute photo of the two lovebirds was a sweet caption:

"We picked this ring out together almost 7 years ago, and I finally got to put it on my favorite finger attached to my favorite person."



Soon after the movie was released, it became a hit and has remained a nostalgic classic among viewers for decades since. Anyone that watches the film will not stop quoting or obsessing over it.

But more than becoming a massive success, the movie became the ground on which a long-life friendship between Walter and Elaine Hendrix was born.


Hendrix played the beautiful yet conniving Meredith Blake, while Walter was the earthy housekeeper, Chessy. And while their characters were sworn enemies, the two forged a decades-long friendship that stands strong up until today. 


Walter's career in TV took off when she starred in her own Fox Network comedy series "My Wildest Dreams" in 1995. A year later, she starred on "Life's Work," which featured her as an assistant district attorney in Baltimore. 


Still, in 1996, she played Whoopi Goldberg's sidekick, Claudine, in "Eddie." She also starred in the NBC sitcom "Emeril" and the Bravo series "Breaking News." 

While she has played a part in numerous other films and TV shows such as "Bruce Almighty" and "Shall We Dance," her most famous role yet remains on "The Parent Trap."


Other acting credits include in the soap opera "Watch Over Me," the reality show "The Next Big Thing," "Drillbit Taylor," and "Celebracadabra." But aside from TV and film, she also hosted a radio talk show, "The Fabulous Lisa Ann Walter Show."


Walter's latest project is her role as a wizened second-grade teacher Melissa Schemmenti on the ABC comedy "Abbott Elementary," a Philadelphia school with harsh conditions where most teachers do not last more than two years.

The mockumentary sitcom revolves around a group of elementary school teachers that, despite being underfunded and outnumbered, are passionate and dedicated to helping their students become successful in the future.