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Lonely Widower Celebrates Valentine's Day on a Date with His Wife's Ashes

Dayna Remus
Feb 17, 2022
01:00 A.M.
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For one elderly man, his marriage vows were not enough to express his love for his late wife. The phrase "Til death do us part" was of no significance as he continued to show affection for her long after she passed. 


Death is an imminent part of life, yet we all continue to grapple with its mystery, grieving the people we loved and could once embrace.

Chasidy Gwaltney believes that we should all remember to show the people around us that we care for them while they are still alive - this was the reason she shared a heart-breaking post just two days after Valentine's Day in 2018. 

Lonely widower on a date with his wife’s ashes. │Source: facebook.com/Chasidy.Dawn



In the Facebook post, Gwaltney wrote about how we are all at fault for taking our significant others for granted now and then. She expressed

"We don't notice the very little things that mean so much to our special someone."

The Facebook user shared a picture in the post that she hoped would drive the point home, and based on the reactions from other netizens, it did.



She took the snapshot while eating lunch on February 14, 2018, at a restaurant in Corpus Christi in Texas. The photo showed what appeared to be an emotional elderly man sitting by himself.

There was some skepticism and claims in the comment section that the story was not real.

There were glasses of wine for two, along with a Valentine's Day greeting card. A bottle sat on the opposite side of the table.


The original poster claimed this bottle contained the lonely man's late wife's ashes, emphasizing the widower's deep love for his passed-on partner. 

Individuals flocked to the post - so far, they have left almost 800,000 reactions, just over 600,000 shares, and nearly 200,000 comments. 

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There was some skepticism and claims in the comment section that the story was not real. But, most remarks were filled with love and sympathy for the grieving man. Napoleon Escobar wrote:

"So true and so very touching I can't imagine going through all that my heart goes to that man. I would probably do that same thing. Whaoo. [sic]"

Many agreed with Gwaltney's sentiment of reminding their partner that they appreciate them more often. How did this story and picture make you feel? 

Individuals’ comments on a Facebook post by Chasidy Gwaltney. │Source: facebook.com/Chasidy.Dawn



This elderly man is proof that letting go of a life partner is excruciating and sometimes impossible. One woman Ashley Irwin had to do it at a much younger age and simultaneously look after her little boy Wyatt.

Of course, the boy continues to grieve the inescapable pain of his dad's death as well. Although tragic, one way he dealt with his passing was beautiful, even if deeply saddening.  

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Taking to TikTok, an emotional mom held her son's superhero bag on her lap. Irwin explained that Wyatt asked her to leave the bag out for a trip to heaven to visit his father. 

The objects he packed for the journey left her in tears. Taking out the items, she eventually found Wyatt's tiny shoes with the cologne bottle of her late spouse tucked inside one - just like her husband would pack it for his travels.

Beyond remembering to show them your love while alive, it is equally important, especially when still grieving, to keep their spirit glowing - whether through the smell of cologne, date nights, or a 'quick trip to heaven.'