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Mom Finds Out Her Grieving Toddler Packed a Bag to Visit Dad in Heaven and Opens It

Dayna Remus
Feb 10, 2022
02:20 P.M.
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A boy and his mom have been grieving their deceased dad and husband for two years -- his son willing to do the impossible just to hug his father one more time. 


If we haven't already, most of us will grow to lose our parents or guardians one day. Although nothing is surprising about this inevitable goodbye, the reality still hits as an unexpected blow. 

It is even more challenging to bury the individuals meant to protect and hold us when we are only children -- something that Ashley Irwin's son Wyatt had to endure.


However, the little boy has been resourceful and almost artistic in his grieving process. Recently, he caused not only his mom but the whole internet to sob collectively in his attempt to reconnect with his late father. 


Taking to TikTok, an emotional mom held her son's superhero bag on her lap. Irwin told her audience that right before bedtime, Wyatt asked her to leave the bag out for a mysterious trip he was going on the next day. 


She asked Wyatt where he was off to, to which the boy replied that he was going to heaven, implying he wanted to visit his passed-on dad and Irwin's late husband, Tyler Godwin.

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Her little boy asked her not to look in his bag, but she did so anyway with her fellow TikTok users watching. The teary mother facetiously said

“Hopefully, he’ll forgive me.” 

She pulled out a superhero costume, followed by a whistle, baseball gloves, a ball, and nerfs. These objects pulled at her heartstrings, but she broke down when she saw the following items. 



Irwin pulled out one of Wyatt's tiny shoes with the cologne bottle of her late spouse tucked inside it -- just like Godwin would pack it for his trips or travels. She put the cologne to her nose, taking in the scent of the man she loved dearly. 

Irwin also held up her late husband's wallet that he owned before she got him a new one, which was also in the bag, complete with several nostalgic family photos. 



She then went on to tell a captivating story of how her husband and son used to bring her flowers back after they went on trips together. The mother affirmed

"And, I promise you tomorrow, he'll do the same."

The clip went utterly viral, attracting netizens from all over the web. So far, it has gathered around 703,000 likes and 11,000 comments. 



A seeming majority of these comments were individuals expressing how emotional the clip made them feel, a lot of individuals revealing that it brought them to tears. One stated

"I cried with you the whole video, if I could give you the biggest hug I would. I’m praying for you and your son. 🤍 [sic]"

A significant number of TikTok users also sent their condolences and commented on what a wonderful mother Irwin is. 

Individuals’ comments on a TikTok post by Ashley Irwin. │Source: tiktok.com/just_your_average_mom



Taken aback by the massive response to her video, Irwin took to Facebook to share how stunned she was at not only the popularity of this video but those of her clips in general. 

The mom spoke about how through her videos, specifically with concern to grieving her husband, she has created a community

The mother penned that she and this community had done all they could to bring positivity into the world. This includes helping others find mental health resources, accessing IVF, and assisting families with gas money.



Once again, the comment section was full of love and support, with one person asking if Wyatt did end up bringing her flowers. Irwin responded in the affirmative with a fellow Facebook user replying to her response: 

"That’s one helluva boy you got there. Tyler is proud. Of both of you. [sic]"

With such a tender and warm-hearted son, the caring online support she receives, and the love she holds with her in her heart, Irwin is undoubtedly going to continue living a life that would make her late husband smile with joy. 

Individuals’ comments on a Facebook post by Ashley Irwin. │Source: facebook.com/ashley.irwin



As is evident by Wyatt's attempt to contact his deceased father, children have an immensely tough time coming to terms with the death of a parent.

This is also true for Alejandro Garcia-Herreros, who places letters he writes for his father inside helium balloons twice a year. Once released, he believes they find their way to heaven and his dad.

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Miraculously, one year and at 7 years old, he received a response. In another part of Georgia, where Alejandro resides, Suzanne Edwards' husband brought a blue balloon into the house. This contained the letter -- Edwards touched by what she read. 

She shared a response via Facebook, hoping the family would see it and let the little boy know that his dad was happy and would always love him. Alejandro eventually found out about the post and believes God spoke through Edwards. 

Whether you believe in heaven or not, these two boys' determination to connect with their late dads shows just how strong and forever-binding the bond between father and son is.