After dying father's request for organ donation, son demands $5M to save his life | Shutterstock
Source: After dying father's request for organ donation, son demands $5M to save his life | Shutterstock

After Sick Father’s Plea for Organ Donation, Son ‘Put a Price Tag’ on His Life Demanding $5M

Rita Kumar
Feb 24, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A dying father pleaded with his only son to donate his organ and save his life. But to his horror, his son said he would only do it in exchange for a whopping $5M.


When a 32-year-old man got the chance to save his dying father's life, the first thing that struck his mind was his dad's enormous fortune. He decided not to miss this opportunity and demanded a life-changing sum of money from his dad for the favor.

Redditor drunkdadwantsmyliver turned to Reddit's "AITA" sub to derive reactions from strangers online concerning his decision to save his dad's life in exchange for money. Unsurprisingly, some thought he was cruel, while others said he could've just let him die instead. But this man had his reasons for such an insensitive demand. 

A son promised to save his sick dad's life in exchange for money | Source: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) said he never had a good relationship with his father who was an alcoholic all his life. OP's parents divorced when he was 12, and his father's addiction worsened since then. He lived his entire life boozing and never tried to get custody of his son.

The rift between OP and his dad deteriorated with time. He preferred to keep his dad away for the most part and even excluded him from his wedding, fearing he would just get wasted there and cause a scene.

While their relationship was dying with every passing day, the dad's 30 plus years of drinking took a massive toll on his health too. His liver was damaged, and his only chance of survival was a liver transplant from a live donor who would match his rare blood type. 


The dad's only chance of survival was to get a live organ donor matching his blood type | Source: Pexels

OP's dad barely had a year or two ahead of him without the transplant, and there were only slim chances of finding an ideal donor who would be willing to donate a part of their liver.


They slammed him, saying he needn't donate his organ if he didn't want to and just let his dad battle with his fate.

Upon learning OP was a blood type match, the dad realized his son was his only chance of survival and reached out to him to ask him to do the procedure. To his horror, OP turned him down, saying he wouldn't do it for someone he hated. He felt it would be useless to donate a liver to his dad who would never give up drinking and soon damage his new liver.

OP turned down his dad's request for an organ donation | Source: Pexels


However, the dad was persistent, and after deep thought, OP decided to strike a deal with his dad. He told him he would help him but in exchange for a whopping $5M.

Growing up, OP knew his dad never held a job permanently because he inherited a low eight-figure fortune and a house from his late father. So he thought making some money off the man to save his life wouldn't hurt.  

His dad was furious at OP for putting a price tag on his life and threatened to tell others about OP's offer if he didn't agree to do it for free. But OP doubled down and warned his father that he would have to pay an extra $1M for every person he disclosed the matter to.


The son was willing to save his dad's life in exchange for $5M | Source: Pexels

Meanwhile, his mom and wife thought he was wrong for trading his organ for money. They slammed him, saying he needn't donate his organ if he didn't want to and just let his dad battle with his fate.


OP disagreed and claimed all he cared about was extracting money from his dad, knowing he would be cut off from his inheritance anyway. He realized it was his golden chance to make millions. 

OP's primary focus was extracting money from his dad | Source: Pexels


When OP asked the internet if he was wrong for "putting a price tag" on his father's life, Redditor PM_TITS_OR_DONT said, "You illegally proposed to sell part of your liver for $5 million, and when he threatened to expose you, you doubled down on it," adding:

"You can't trust him. He's going to tell someone, and this could end up with you in jail. And if you DO get that $5 million somehow, I wouldn't be surprised if you were forced to return it."

As the discussion heated up, a few others raced to the thread and slammed OP for charging money to save his dad's life.

People online lashed out at OP for the a deal he proposed to save his dad's life | Source: Pexels


"In almost every country in the world, it is illegal to charge money for any body part. In other words, it's a crime…Your father may be an awful person, but so are you for doing this," user No_Proposal7628 wrote.

After rummaging through the responses that mostly added more weight to OP's reasoning, he stood his ground and said he would still help his father as long as he compensated him.

"I don't want to help him for the sake of doing it, but I would be willing to do it for a lot of money," he insisted.

OP claimed he would certainly save his father's life as long as he compensated him | Source: Unsplash


Do you think OP is justified for demanding money from his dad to save his life?

OP claimed he didn't care much about his dad other than making the best of the situation by extracting money. Some people online lashed out at him, saying it wasn't just illegal but also mean on his part to use his father's transplant as an opportunity to make easy money. What do you think?

Would OP's dad resolve his addiction issues following the transplant?

One of OP's reasons for refusing to donate his liver for free (aside from his estranged relationship with his father) was there was no guarantee that his father would take care of his new liver. He feared his father would just continue with his drinking and eventually damage the new liver too. How would you react to the situation if you were OP?


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