Mother Wakes up from a Month-Long Coma to Feed Her Hungry Daughter

Brittany Chalmers
Feb 23, 2022
03:40 P.M.

After a devastating assault, one woman's injuries left her in a coma. Doctors told the family to consider donating her organs, but her husband kept believing. One month later, something incredible happened.


While 42-year-old Maria Laura Ferreyra was riding on her motorbike in 2019, she was brutally assaulted. The altercation left her in critical condition, and the Argentinian's chances of survival looked slim.

Her fall to the ground resulted in massive head trauma, and she was in a vegetative state for 30 days. Her husband, Martin Delgado, revealed how dismal the situation was.

Maria Laura Ferreyra wakes up from a coma after her daughter starts to breastfeed | Source: twitter.com/Citytv

Maria Laura Ferreyra wakes up from a coma after her daughter starts to breastfeed | Source: twitter.com/Citytv


Doctors told him she risked suffering brain death and suggested that he consider donating her organs. He remained faith-filled and believed she would make a miraculous recovery despite this.

While all the odds were stacked against her, Ferreyra showed some neurological activity after 15 days in a coma. Sadly she had not woken up yet. Another two weeks passed, and Delgado visited his wife with their youngest daughter.



The little girl sat on the bedside and made a noise indicating she was hungry. Instinctually she pulled down her mother's hospital gown and began to breastfeed. At that moment, something incredible happened, and Delgado got his miracle.

To everyone's surprise, Ferreyra woke up for the first time in a month. Delgado shared: "It was a magical, unique moment. We all cried. Seeing how they hugged each other, that motherly instinct, it was amazing."



The brave mother was still not using words or entirely aware of her surroundings, but doctors said the breastfeeding was a good sign. It showed that she recognized her child and interacted with her as she usually would.

Delgado believed it was the start of her complete recovery and stated: "Now all the good things start, she is going to be able to be with her kids."



The family was also hoping for justice after the devastating assault. A 23-year-old man was arrested, and an investigation was taking place.

The family was still suffering and waiting for their beloved mother and wife to come home, so Delgado hoped the suspected perpetrator would pay for his reckless actions.



Many families who see their loved ones in an unconscious state hold onto hope that they will wake up. Sadly, not everyone does, but one man did something special when his girlfriend woke up. Not wanting to waste another minute, he proposed.

Viktoria Cupay, who faced rare health conditions, fell into a month-long coma in 2019. Her partner Nicholas William Baldo was at her side every day, speaking hope and life into her. When she woke up, she accepted his unconventional hospital proposal.

Cupay was discharged seven months later and is thankful for her now-fiancé's constant support. Family members and loved ones can have an undoubtedly powerful effect on the recovery of their loved ones, much like Delgado and Baldo.

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