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Man Who Marries Pregnant Girlfriend Runs into Old Friend Who Introduced Them to Each Other 12 Years Ago

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 02, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A man shared that he married his girlfriend because she was pregnant. Twelve years later, he bumped into an old friend and started doubting his paternity after hearing what he had to say. 


The 34-year-old man had started feeling that his 12-year-old son was not biologically his. He felt this way after talking to an old friend. 

However, he hadn't told his wife about meeting his friend. He wrote a detailed Reddit post asking other Redditors for advice on what to do next. 

Source: Flickr / Kristie Wells


Before jumping into the main story, the man shared how he met his wife. When he was 20, he met her one night and started dating her. 

A few weeks later, the girl told him that she was pregnant with his baby. Hearing the news made him recall his childhood. He had grown up without a father and didn't want the same to happen to his child. Thus, he explained:

"We stayed together and I proposed a few months later."

OP proposed to his girlfriend after learning she was pregnant. | Source: Unsplash


OP confessed he had doubts about the child's paternity, but he never expressed it to his wife. He shared that the past twelve years of his married life had many ups and downs, but he made sure to stay with her. 

Hearing his friend's words rekindled the doubts he had about his child's paternity.

He revealed that he was staying with his wife only because he couldn't imagine living without his son. "I can't let him grow up with an absent father," he admitted.

OP couldn't imagine living without his son. | Source: Unsplash


One day, OP bumped into an old friend. He shared that he had met the man for the first time when he met his wife. After talking about the usual stuff, the man asked OP if he was "still with her." When OP said he was, the man replied:

"It was crazy how I dated her and then you stole her from me!"

Confused, OP didn't know what to say, so he asked his friend to explain. The man revealed he was dating OP's wife before him. He broke up with her a day before she met OP. 

OP ran into an old friend | Source: Unsplash


Hearing his friend's words rekindled the doubts he had about his child's paternity. His imagination went wild, and he couldn't stop thinking that his son wasn't biologically his. He explained:

"I broke down and bought a home DNA test kit."

He ran the test on him and his son behind his wife's back and waited for the results. He wrote the Reddit post the same day he received them and learned the boy wasn't his biological son. 

OP was devastated to know that his son wasn't his biological child | Source: Unsplash


OP confessed he was "destroyed" after seeing the test results because he had always treated the boy like his biological son. He explained:

"I’ve been by his side the moment he was born and will absolutely never abandon him."

OP couldn't decide how to tell his wife about it. He knew she would get hurt after learning that he got a paternity test without telling her. Confused, he asked other Redditors how to confront his wife. 

He couldn't decide how to confront his wife | Source: Unsplash


miranda-the-dog-mom felt sorry for OP and narrated her own story. She shared that her parents got married after being pregnant with her, but their marriage ended a year later. When she asked her mother why she got divorced, she replied:

“I knew that I’d so much rather raise you in two happy households instead of one unhappy one.”

OP's post showed how scared he was of leaving his wife, so the Redditor assured him that divorces don't always have bad outcomes. She confessed that divorce is sometimes "the most calm and clear path for everyone involved."

Another Redditor shared that her parents got divorced when she was young | Source: Pexels


Meanwhile, giraffegames shared he had been through something similar. He asked OP to immediately consult a therapist since he knew what OP was going through. He explained:

"It is near impossible to properly feel sad or angry without feeling guilty or letting self hate creep in."

Other Redditors also encouraged OP to seek help from a therapist for the sake of his child. They shared similar experiences to let OP know he wasn't alone. 

Some Redditors asked OP to go for therapy | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP should confront his wife?

The man couldn't bring himself to confront his wife because he was afraid of her reaction. He felt she would get hurt after discovering that he did the test behind her back. Do you think he should confront her?

Do you think OP should have confronted his wife before the paternity test?

If OP had confronted his wife before taking the paternity test, things would have been much different. That way, he wouldn't have to go for the test behind her back. However, some people might feel that his wife wouldn't let him go for the test if she knew what was going on in his mind. What do you think?

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