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Siblings Go to Bank to Withdraw Payment for Dying Mother’s Sitters and Find the Account Empty

Rita Kumar
Mar 03, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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A woman invited her siblings to take care of their sick mother and went on a family vacation. A few days later, she stopped dead after checking her mother's bank statement.


An anonymous woman posting under eae-angel turned to Reddit's "Choosing Beggars" sub to reveal some gruesome details of a relative who walked the extra mile to rob her dying mother of her bank balance. To anyone's horror, the woman left nothing more than $8 in her mom's account.

The Redditor sparked the narrative by elaborating about one of her relatives, whom she addressed as "Choosing Beggar (CB)." CB is the one person whom the Original Poster (OP)'s family despised because she was rude and overly money conscious.

However, none of them interpreted how the woman's attitude towards money would drop a bomb on her own family after she walked over to her sister's house under the pretext of tending to their sick mother.


The siblings were shocked when they found their mother's bank account empty | Source: Shutterstock

The elderly woman in question had three children: CB and her sister, whom OP preferred to call "G" and a son, B. For obvious reasons, OP wanted to keep their identities undisclosed. As it turned out, G took it on her to independently care for their mother for 16 years.


The easy-going person she was, G ensured not to move her mom into assisted care as she'd promised she wouldn't do it since her mom wasn't exposed to the best conditions while she was a nurse.

G's promise became expensive with each passing day and gradually gnawed into the account that was set to be the siblings' inheritance. She hired several sitters to nurse her mother and finally reached out to her siblings for help. CB agreed initially, yet G was unaware how her sister would use this invitation to pirate their mom's money.

Of the three children, only one of the daughters walked the extra mile to nurse their elderly mother. | Source: Unsplash


G still hired a few sitters so that her sister wouldn't have much stress around their mother, then she took a weekend off at the lake with her husband and grandchildren.

After she returned, she was stunned to find CB crying. When prompted, the woman told G that their mom couldn't recognize her. It made sense to G, considering their mom's deteriorating health and dementia.

[T]here was probably nothing the woman could've done to stop her sister from robbing the money.

Her brother offered to help a few days later when G had to pay the sitters. The problem started when G, B, and their mother went to the bank to withdraw money.


The problem started when the woman went to the bank with her mother & brother. | Source: Unsplash

G wanted to draw $200 from their mother's account. She thought it wouldn't make a big difference considering her mom's savings over the years. She assumed their mom had around $15K in her savings but couldn't be more shocked than when the bank told her there weren't enough funds in her account.


Stricken by disbelief, G rummaged through the bank statements and found the balance to be merely $8 while a lump sum of $15K had been wiped out by none other than CB, who had previously signed up for the account's online bank statements. The matter reached the far end of the family, where CB and her close relatives were condemned and neglected.

Meanwhile, the older woman's health declined. She was frequently moved in and out of assisted care, but she was never exhausted, in contrast to her health condition and the bit of bad news the nurses predicted for her.

The woman was shocked when she checked her mom's bank statement. | Source: Pexels


Eventually, G and her family handled several phone calls in late September that year to share the news of her mother's passing. Although the family begged G not to inform her sister, she went against their requests to invite her to their mother's graveside service near their dad's burial site.

CB quickly reminded her sister how their mother didn't want a funeral and preferred a simple ceremony. But after she learned the family had arranged for a simple service, CB declined the invite saying it was too far for her to drive.

G and her family had a simplistic funeral that finished off with a family meal later. But once the dust settled, CB lashed out at her sister for not telling her they had organized a funeral for their mother.


The woman's sister turned down her request to attend their mom's funeral. | Source: Pexels

Eventually, G cut ties with her sister after she refused to split their mother's funeral expenses and for demanding their mom's bank statements for the past year. OP said G also split the remaining 1/4 of the inheritance with her brother while CB still kept 3/4 of the legacy.


After reading through the plight OP narrated, some people came up with varied opinions. They asserted there was probably nothing the woman could've done to stop her sister from robbing the money as she was tied to their mother's account. Redditor mega512 added more weight to the issue, saying:

"Her name was also on the account. There isn't anything they can do. My mom shared an account with my grandma, and the bank said that money is as much my mother's as it was my grandma's."

The woman split 1/4 of the inheritance with her brother while her sister kept 3/4 of the money. | Source: Pexels


"This reminds me of my aunt who "took care" of my grandmother," user ArtNerd shared, revealing the aunt's genuine intention was to make their grandma co-sign and grant a down payment on a property the aunt wanted to buy. The person added:

"Once she passed, a few years later, my aunt kept everything, any leftover money and all my grandmother's valuables/jewelry...She didn't even pitch in for the funeral cost, and everyone had to chip in money we didn't have."

"People like G prove that you don't need a cape to be a hero. I only wish that someone had gotten back the money and given it to G," Redditor Spider-Sam1500 said.


A commenter reminisced about their aunt who cared for their grandma only to swindle her out of her money.. | Source: Pexels

Conclusively, OP felt terrible for G having to cut ties with her sister. However, her family thought it was probably best to avoid further collisions with the woman.


"We have cut ties with her and still have not gotten over the fact she was so cruel to her own mother over money," the Redditor recounted.

OP's family had cut ties with the alleged woman owing to how terribly she treated her own mother over money. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Would you take any legal action against a relative for swindling money from your parent?

OP said G" preferred to cut ties with her sister "CB" for taking the $15K from their mom's account without anyone's consent. It also appears they never bothered to retrieve the amount, except for 1/4 which G had to split with her brother. How would you handle the situation after finding out a relative had defrauded your parents? Would you take legal action?

What would you advise children who feel entitled to their parents' money?

The old woman's daughter trusted her sister and kept her name in their mother's online bank statements to watch over the funds. However, the sister used this in her favor and withdrew all the money since she felt entitled. Do you think it is alright for children to feel entitled to their parent's money when they barely care for them?

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