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Couple Learns Their Adopted Son Has Two Missing Siblings and Rushes to Find Them – Story of the Day

Karabo Baloyi
Mar 06, 2022
07:00 A.M.
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Claudia and John were a  happily married couple who had a beautiful life together. They had great careers and friends, but they wanted to have a child. Their decision to adopt a little boy who every other person had ignored transformed their lives beyond what they had imagined.


Claudia and John met at university. They shared a mutual love of sports and music and bonded over these as friends. Two years into their friendship, John confessed to Claudia that he was in love with her. Their relationship blossomed over time, and when they were both 24 years old, they decided to get married.

All of Claudia and John's loved ones were delighted for them. They had all watched their relationship grow over time, and they knew that they made a lovely couple. Some of their friends even approached them for advice when their relationships struggled. They treated everyone around them with kindness and were a fantastic example.

When John and Claudia adopted a little boy from an orphanage, they did not anticipate the incredible changes that happened in their lives. | Source: Shutterstock


The couple had spoken about having children very early in their relationship. They chose to wait until they both graduated from university to give their children a stable life. They would spend hours talking about the life they wanted to build for their children. They even discussed what school they would go to and what sports they would play.

Two years into their marriage, Claudia had still not fallen pregnant. They visited a specialist doctor who found nothing wrong with either of them. "Be patient, these things can take time," she said.

Five months after visiting the specialist, Claudia finally got pregnant with a boy. The couple was delighted. They had waited so long to have a child of their own; they couldn't wait to begin their journey as parents.


But two months later, Claudia lost the baby. "It's not your fault," said the specialist. "You can try again when you're ready."

"We want to have a child, doctor. Is there anything else we can do?" John asked. 

Claudia was heartbroken after she lost her pregnancy. | Source: Pixabay


The couple immediately underwent a series of tests and procedures to help them conceive a baby. Their close friends supported them, but many others judged them for not having a child.

One evening, they met with Claudia's mother for dinner after not seeing her for a few months. 

"Why would you even stay together if you can't have a child?" Claudia's mother asked.

"Mom, don't say that! We love each other!" Claudia replied. 

Later that evening, as they were driving home, John was distraught at what Claudia's mother had said. "What if your mom is right? What if we shouldn't be together?" he asked. 


"No, she's wrong!" Claudia cried. "We'll find a way to become a real family."

They decided to try adopting a child. "If we can't conceive a child, we can give a child in need some love instead," Claudia said.

Claudia and John remained united and decided to adopt a child together. | Source: Pixabay


A few weeks later, they arrived at the orphanage to search for a child to adopt. They immediately noticed a little boy sitting by himself in the corner. "I'd like to speak to that boy," Claudia said as she pointed at him. The orphanage administrator who was accompanying them tried to dissuade her.

"Are you sure? He's older than most of the children here, and he barely speaks any English," she said. 

"Where is he from, and how did he get here?" John asked.

"He was brought here from Nigeria. A wealthy couple adopted him, but they changed their minds and surrendered him here. Would you like to get to know the younger children instead?" she replied.


Claudia and John were both heartbroken by the boy's story. They looked at each other and immediately knew what the next step would be. "No, we want to get to know him," Claudia said.

John and Claudia visited an orphanage where they met a little boy they wanted to get to know. | Source: Shutterstock


Over the next few weeks, Claudia and John visited the 10-year-old Umar almost every day. They played and read, teaching him some essential English words and phrases. Umar was shy and he often expressed that he wanted to go home. "We promise you will go home very soon," John assured him.

True to their promise, they brought Umar to live with them as soon as they were allowed to. Umar was thrilled to have his own room for the first time.

"You will live with us, and we will never surrender you," the couple promised.

Umar instantly bonded with Claudia and John. He continued to learn English and became increasingly comfortable living with them.


But Claudia and John noticed that Umar was hiding pain deep inside him. They would hear him cry himself to sleep every night, and they didn't know what pain he was going through.

"Umar, you know we love you, so we want to help you. Please tell us what is going on, and we will try to help you," Claudia said.

Umar would often cry himself to sleep at night but his adoptive parents didn't know what was wrong. | Source: Shutterstock


"I have a younger brother and sister," he cried. "They came here from Nigeria with me, but I don't know where they are. We were separated, and I miss them very much."

Claudia and John were shocked to hear this. They spent days thinking about what Umar had said, and they decided to try and find his siblings. They spent weeks searching for Umar's siblings using social media and even mass media. They contacted their friends and colleagues to assist, and they were all willing to help them find Umar's siblings.

A few weeks into their search, their colleague called them with an address of an orphanage across the country. "I believe that's where they are, but I can't be sure," he said.


Claudia and John were willing to try and search. They traveled across the country with Umar, hoping to find his siblings at the orphanage. 

Claudia, John, and Umar traveled a long distance to find his younger siblings who were separated from him years ago. | Source: Shutterstock


When they arrived 15 hours later, Umar was delighted to see both his siblings. Like Umar, no one wanted to adopt them, and they had been at the orphanage for five years. Claudia and John immediately decided to adopt them, and just like that, they became parents to three children.

The couple was patient and loving towards all three children. They all grew closer together and were grateful to their new parents for giving them a home. "Mom, dad, thank you for saving our lives," Umar said.

Claudia and John became fulfilled parents who gave their adoptive children incredible lives. 

What can we learn from this story?

  • Life can often guide us to extraordinary discoveries. Claudia and John had no idea that they would be parents to three lovely children. 
  • Don't give up; amazing things can happen at any point. Claudia and John could have given up and separated after they couldn't conceive, but their love for one another helped them become adoptive parents. 

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