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Man Positions Car to Ram It into Neighbor’s House, Earlier Claimed House Was Stolen from Him

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 04, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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The boy was about to pass out while playing video games when he heard the doorbell ring at 11 p.m. When he hesitated to open the door, the stranger standing outside rang the doorbell twice and then started banging the door.


Terrified, the 15-year-old boy climbed the staircase and stared at the door from afar, expecting something terrible to happen any moment. 

A few minutes later, his parents woke up because of the noise and emerged out of their room. His father mustered the courage to go downstairs and saw the stranger's face through the peephole. 

Their neighbor claimed they stole the house from him | Source: Shutterstock


When the doorbell rang, the boy stood up and walked towards the door. Halfway down the staircase, he realized he should stop. He thought, "Who rings a doorbell at 11 p.m.?"

He instantly climbed back upstairs and stared at the door from the hallway. A few moments later, the person standing outside rang the doorbell twice, waking his parents. He explained:

"My parents begin to leave their room, and give my a quizzical look, and all I had to respond was a shrug."

Someone rang the doorbell in the middle of the night. | Source: Unsplash


After the stranger started banging on the door, the boy's father went downstairs and peeped through the hole. It took him a few seconds to recognize the familiar face. 

After sensing how things were getting out of control, OP immediately called 911.

It was their neighbor standing outside the door. OP's (Original Poster's) father opened the door and asked, "Hey! What do you need?" 

OP's father recognized their neighbor's face through the peephole. | Source: Unsplash


The next moment, OP heard his neighbor yell at his father, accusing him of stealing his property. He claimed that he owned the house they were living in. OP recalled:

"My father's uneasiness was quickly replaced with annoyance, and he simply shut the door without giving our neighbor the time of day."

OP and his parents had started walking towards the staircase before they heard a loud bang on the door. It was much louder than the previous ones when their neighbor used his hands to do it. 

They heard a loud bang on the door | Source: Unsplash


A second later, they heard the neighbor bang his body against the door once again. OP's father rushed to brace his body against the door while his mother went to get OP's siblings. 

After sensing how things were getting out of control, OP immediately called 911. The neighbor continued slamming his body on the door while OP informed the cops about it. 

A few moments later, the banging stopped. OP was still on the phone. He felt relieved but didn't hang up. Instead, he went to the window to see if his neighbor was still there. 

The boy went to the window to see if his neighbor was still there. | Source: Unsplash


His eyes widened as he witnessed his neighbor getting into his jeep and aiming for the door. OP and his family heard the tires squeal as the man pressed the gas pedal. They thought he would ram his vehicle against the door, but he pulled the breaks right at their doorstep. OP figured:

"He was trying to scare us out of the house."

When the boy noticed his younger siblings were getting scared of the noises, he immediately left the window and sat with them while still on the call. He cracked jokes with his siblings and waited for the police to arrive. 

OP's younger siblings were scared | Source: Unsplash


A few minutes later, the police arrived and arrested their neighbor. OP and his family slept after watching the police take their neighbor with them. 

When OP stepped out of the house for school the following day, a shiver ran down his spine after looking at the black screech marks on the pavement. He realized their neighbor "nearly rammed" their door down. 

The boy shared the incident on Reddit under the LetsNotMeet community, hoping not to see his neighbor again. notreallylucy was stunned after reading the post and applauded OP's family for working great as a team. 

The police arrested OP's neighbor | Source: Unsplash


OP read the comment and replied that he was "self-taught" to call 911 while his mother looked after his siblings and his father protected the family.

Meanwhile, popsiclestickprize speculated on what prompted the neighbor to do something so drastic that night, saying:

"Hello my guess would be mental illness. Funnily enough something similar happened to my sister recently."

The Redditor recounted how a man knocked on his sister's door and said he owned the house she lived in. When she reported it to the police, they concluded that the man had schizophrenia and wasn't going to cause any harm to her. 


In a reply, OP said he didn't know if the man had a mental illness. Meanwhile, most Redditors asked the boy to be careful and report to the police if the man tried to enter their house again. 

OP revealed he was self-taught to call 911. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP's family should take the legal route to deal with their neighbor? 

Some Redditors felt OP's neighbor may attack their house again, so they should take the legal route and file a complaint against him. It would keep them safe in case the man tried to enter their home again. What do you think?

Do you think OP's family should remain on guard for possible retaliation from their neighbor?  

A Redditor advised OP's family to be prepared for the eventually that their neighbor would attempt to harass them again. The user suggested they formulate a plan to deal with the man, should that happen. Do you think they should feel threatened by their neighbor and prepare themselves for another similar incident?

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