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Sharon Osbourne's 1st Daughter Left Home at 16 & Her Sister Faced 'Dark Path' after Family's Reality Show

Esther NJeri
Mar 16, 2022
03:20 P.M.
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The Osbournes gained indelible fame from their reality TV show, "The Osbournes." However, the exposure to fame had some very adverse effects on the children. Aimee left home at 16 while Kelly has lived a dark life. 


Premiering on TV in the early 2000s, the reality TV show "The Osbournes" chronicled the domestic life of heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne and his family—his wife Sharon, their daughter Kelly, and their son Jack.

Initially, the show was supposed to air for only three weeks as a wild experiment into the personal world of a heavy metal star. However, shortly after its release, the show became a massive success and aired for three years. 

Left: Ozzy, Kelly, Sharon and Jack Osbourne pose for a photo: Source: Getty Images. Right: The Osbourne's less known daughter, Aimee. | Source:


Despite the high ratings and the money that followed, Ozzy regrets ever shooting the show. He disclosed that it caused great harm to his family and admits that, while it was a phenomenal show, he hated seeing the adverse effects it had on his wife and kids. 

And yet, the Osbournes are not the only reality TV family that regrets making that move. In the beginning, nobody had imagined the show, which also featured Sharon's struggle with colon cancer and Ozzy's consequent addiction, would become such a hit. 

The Osbournes during a 2010 awarding event in Los Angeles. | Source: Getty Images


Jeff Stilson, an executive producer, would later open up to Vice, saying that while the first episodes were fun and brought in a lot of money, they should not have continued shooting. He said:

"We should have stopped after season one – it was ten great episodes. We almost did, but that's when they threw money at everybody, so we kept going."


Kelly was only a teen when the family let the MTV cameras into their home. Despite growing up with famous parents, she had never had to expose her life like that before, and it came with dire consequences


Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Aimee Osbourne attend a 2004 concert in London. | Source: Getty Images

She would later disclose that she had been unprepared for fame, sharing that there had been no psychological support outside the program, with the show being the first of its kind. 


Unfortunately for the teen, she got thrust into the spotlight and became the center of the media and even strangers' bullying antics. She says people did not miss out on an opportunity to call her fat and twist her problems into tabloid headlines. 


Strangers were not any kinder to the teen. She recalls people giving her backhanded compliments such as telling her she had a "pretty face for a fat girl," and others saying:

"You look so much bigger on TV."

Another heartbreaking instance happened when Kelly turned 15. She was excited about finally getting her driver's license, but when she went for her first drive with a friend, she was shocked when she saw a cute guy following them.


The stranger asked her to roll down her window. Kelly did, thinking the stranger was asking for directions, only for the man to throw a foot-long subway sandwich at her face. 

After several such unkind treatments, Kelly says she started getting used to it and even believed that she deserved it. It was, however, a high price to pay for fame, one she did not realize would lead her down a very dark path.

The "Dancing With The Stars" contestant disclosed that she only learned of the show's impact on her mental health as an adult, and she would later start using 'chemicals' during hard times.



Not many child stars handle fame well, a fact Kelly knows only too well. After surgery to treat her tonsilitis at 13, the doctors then prescribed Vicodin, which she says began her downhill journey of addiction.

During a talk with Jada Pinkett Smith at Facebook Watch's "Red Table Talk," Kelly revealed that after using the drug, suddenly all her insecurities, which the show's viewers often aggravated, seemed to disappear.

Her constant thoughts of "you're fat, you're ugly, you're not good enough, no one likes you, and you don't deserve this" no longer existed, and this opened up avenues for more drug use to stay as confident. 


The "Papa Don't Preach" singer says she felt like the world had hugged her. Eventually, she upscaled to Percocet then to heroin. She was on a painful journey that would take her years to return from.

After years of battling addiction, she finally kicked the habit. Unfortunately, she replaced it with an addiction to food. Eventually, she began dealing with weight loss, which she struggled with during her teenage years.

Kelly is now sober, but her journey has not been easy. In 2021, she spoke out about a recent relapse following four years of sobriety. However, she keeps fighting to end her addiction and finally put her life in order. 



While the famous "The Osbournes" featured Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack, the oldest Osbourne daughter, Aimee, refused to be part of the limelight. Aimee has always chosen a quieter path, away from her famous family.

Speaking to New York's Q1043 on why she chose not to participate in the show, Aimee shared that she'd always been a "loner" and valued her privacy a lot.


The idea of living in a home riddled with cameras appalled her, and at 16, she moved out of her family home to avoid filming. The decision broke her mother's heart. Sharon told The Talk, as People reports:

"She was happy, but it broke my heart when she moved."


Even as the family became the center of TV reality, Aimee refused to participate. She would not appear in family photos, and when she did, she was always blurred. But the distance seems to have carried on into her adult years. 


Kelly has since revealed that she does not speak to her older sister, as they are too different and do not understand each other. And while she refused to be part of the show, Aimee has done quite well for herself.

She is a singer and songwriter. In 2015, she released her single "Raining Gold," followed by "Shared Something With the Night," which she referred to as her bloody Valentine song in 2020. 

And now, two decades after the show first aired, rumors about a possible revival are rife. A source revealed that Sharon is "open to talks." Despite her recent departure from CBS, the company, plus many others, are interested in an updated version of the 2000's hit show.