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Baby's Heart Stops 30 Minutes after Birth, Parents Start Praying and Mom Sees a 'Vision of Jesus'

Ayesha Muhammad
Mar 12, 2022
01:00 A.M.
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After welcoming their first child, a couple was thrilled and thoroughly grateful for being blessed with a daughter. But after living the best half an hour of their lives, everything changed in mere seconds, putting their faith to the test. 


Have you ever experienced a miracle that changed your outlook towards life altogether? Regardless of their belief system, everyone might undergo moments in life that defy logic and have no rational explanation. 

Today's story sheds light on a similar context, where a couple found themselves amidst unusual circumstances and experienced a heartwarming miracle firsthand. 

Baby Gabriella pictured in the warm embrace of her mom, Hayley Oliveri. | Source: Normal Christian Life



Nathaniel and Hayley Oliveri were happily married and eager to start a family together. Soon afterward, the couple became pregnant with their first child and were delighted to welcome this exciting and new phase of their lives. 

Throughout her pregnancy, Hayley remained calm and kept all fears at bay. She and her husband had faith that things would work out for the best. The nurses were particularly moved by the Oliveri couple's tranquil state of being. 

During their time in the hospital, a nurse's neck injury was healed after Nathaniel prayed for her. On August 29, 2015, the Oliveris welcomed an adorable baby girl, Gabriella Jane Oliveri. 


Hayley and Nathaniel Oliveri. | Source: Normal Christian Life


"She was a perfect little baby," recalled Hayley. According to Nathaniel, Gabriella had her mother's lips. Nearly half an hour later, everything changed for the new parents. In an unspeakable moment of irony, their lives were turned upside down. 


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Thirty minutes after their daughter's birth, the couple noticed her rapid breathing. Gabriella required more and more oxygen. Their midwife, Amy Plowman, called the pediatrician to look at the newborn baby, who was quickly deteriorating. 

Hayley pictured while being pregnant with her baby girl. | Source: Normal Christian Life



The pediatrician took Gabriella to the special care nursery, and Nathaniel followed. He could see her critical condition. Gabriella was then put on oxygen and sedated, and the nurses struggled to find her veins. 

The entire time, Nathaniel placed his hands on Gabriella and prayed. When Hayley arrived, she saw her baby girl sedated and intubated so she could receive an adequate supply of oxygen. But then, something tragic happened. 

Five minutes later, Gabriella's heart stopped beating. The Oliveris saw the doctors rushing to help their daughter and heard them performing CPR on her. 


Baby Gabriella. | Source: Normal Christian Life


Nathaniel saw how shocked Hayley was, so he held her hand and said, "Let's have no fear. Let's just pray and believe in God." Hayley listened to her husband, put her hand in his, and prayed. Their midwife joined in too.


Minutes passed, but there was still no change in Gabriella's condition. Still, the couple continued to pray, seeking God's help for their daughter's healing. A few minutes later, Hayley said she saw something that completely changed her — a vision of Jesus. She recounted: 

"I saw Him walk up to Gabriella, and I saw Him put His hand on her."

Midwife Amy Plowman. | Source: Normal Christian Life



According to the couple, Gabriella's heartbeat was back after four minutes, but she appeared grey. The logical conclusion was that she didn't make it. The doctors examined her and told the couple things were serious, but they couldn't say anything for sure. 

The doctors and nurses were baffled to see the couple's reaction, given the gravity of the situation. They thought Nathaniel and Hayley were in denial. So, they contacted the couple's pastor, hoping she would talk some sense into them. 

When pastor Katherine Ruonala arrived, the nurses were hopeful she would make the Oliveris understand what was going on. Instead, Ruonala asked the nurses to check if Hayley was ready to breastfeed Gabriella and joined Hayley and Nathaniel in the prayer. 


Pastor Katherine Ruonala. | Source: Normal Christian Life


While Gabriella was still hooked to the life-support machine and heavily intubated, Ruonala told the Oliveris to take a picture with her. After that, Gabriella was transferred to another hospital and taken to a nursery for babies in critical condition.


She was rapidly deteriorating, and the doctors struggled to keep her alive. Her lungs collapsed one after the other. But through it all, Nathaniel and Hayley remained calm and hopeful and continued to pray with conviction. Hayley recalled: 

"It was almost like I was in a bubble of peace. I just knew that God was holding us, holding her."

Baby Gabriella. | Source: Normal Christian Life



The following day, the doctors told Nathaniel that because of the lack of oxygen supply to Gabriella's brain when her heart stopped, they believed she had brain damage, which was why she wasn't responding. 

Nathaniel recalled asking the doctor what he would think if Gabriella opened her eyes. When the doctor responded that he would be astonished, Nathaniel told him to be prepared because God would soon heal her. 

The first-time father then took a moment and told himself that his peace and faith would not be shaken no matter what happened to his daughter. The Oliveri couple stayed by their baby girl's side, prayed, and waited. 


Eight-month-old Gabriella with her parents. | Source: Normal Christian Life


On the night of August 30, 2015, and after a continuous ordeal, Gabriella opened her eyes and looked at her parents. The doctors were dumbfounded. She had not only opened her eyes, but she also seemed perfectly healthy. 


Even her lungs, which had previously collapsed, showed no abnormality and functioned properly. The doctors did the tests and found nothing wrong with Gabriella's brain, heart, and lungs. 

The once-grey and heavily intubated Gabriella looked healthy and needed no feeding tubes. She went straight to breastfeeding and was ready to go home with her parents.        Everyone was shocked by her miraculous recovery.


The Oliveri couple noted that their daughter had no problems in her physical and developmental growth and became a source of everlasting joy in their lives. Please share this heartwarming story with your loved ones, and let us know what you think about it. 

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