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Bus Driver Stops Bus after Seeing Girl on the Road Screaming 'She's Having a Seizure, I'm Scared'

Edduin Carvajal
Mar 13, 2022
02:40 P.M.
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Real-life heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and a Milwaukee girl learned it firsthand after a bus driver helped her while her mom suffered a medical emergency.


Most people go about their daily lives following the same routine. When something out of the ordinary happens, most turn a blind eye, and only a few go above and beyond to help others.

Michelle Mixon falls into the second group. When she saw a young girl screaming for help on a cold Wisconsin street, she didn't hesitate to help. Mixon's superhero-like feat went viral.

Bus driver Michelle Mixon comforting a girl after her mom had a medical emergency | Source: Edition



The chilling incident happened on December 30, 2017. Mixon, who had been driving the bus on the Milwaukee County Transit System for 21 years, admitted it was the most emotional thing she'd been through

Mixon saw a woman passing out on the street in front of her bus. The woman's six-year-old daughter started crying, jumping, and screaming for help, and Mixon entered hero mode.

She immediately opened the bus door and picked up the girl to comfort her. Once the child was sitting in the driver's seat, she told Mixon her mom had a seizure.


Bus driver Michelle Mixon's reaction after learning the girl's mom had a seizure | Source: Edition


The bus driver called 911 and kept telling the girl everything would be okay while they waited for the ambulance. Some passengers helped too. The bus's surveillance cameras showed a man covering the woman with his coat to keep her warm.


Mixon comforted the girl until paramedics arrived and were ready to take the mother to the hospital. "I just pray that she's well," Mixon said and added

"[The girl] was hysterical, my heart goes out to her because I don't know how many times she has seen her mom go through this, but I know it was devastating for me."

A passenger covering the woman with his coat | Source: Edition



Mixon finally said that although it was a dramatic situation, she was glad she was there to help. The bus driver's kindness went viral after the Milwaukee County Transit System released the incident's footage.

A netizen pointed out that everybody did what they needed to help the woman, including the girl who informed Mixon about her mom's seizure and the passengers who kept the woman comfortable until the ambulance arrived. Another person wrote:

"The little girl is a hero too. If it wasn't for her, the [bus] driver wouldn't have known."



Luckily, Mixon is not the only bus driver whose story went viral. New Jersey bus driver Cindy Clausen was drawn to how two siblings, Annaliese and Jorge, interacted with a boy with a disability because it was unlike anything she'd seen before.


Seven-year-old Jaxson Blue sometimes struggled to walk, but he often found encouraging words from Annaliese and Jorge. Clausen was so moved by the siblings' good deeds that she wrote a letter to their parents.


She explained that the kids frequently asked her if they could sit with Jaxson. Clausen was amazed when Annaliese looked out for him from her seat and said, "Come on, Jaxson. You can do it," while Jorge carried out the boy's backpack.

The bus driver immediately understood that the siblings learned to be that compassionate and helpful at home, so she praised their parents for raising such well-mannered kids. Way to go!


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