Veterans Who Think Their Friend Lost His Life in the War Meet Him Again 53 Years Later

Brittany Chalmers
Mar 14, 2022
12:00 P.M.
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Three men became like brothers as they served together in the Vietnam War. They looked out for each other, but one of them was injured, and the remaining two men were devastated. They thought they had lost him forever. 


Vietnam veterans Ivis Sloane, Jim Martin, and Tony Solis served together and had each other's backs night and day. As they faced adversity together, their bond grew from friendship to brotherhood.

One day Solis was critically injured, and his friends loaded him onto a helicopter that took him to a hospital. The men never heard from him again and were convinced he had succumbed to his wounds. 

Veterans are emotional as they reunite after 53 years apart. | Source:



The men went on with their lives, got married, and started their own families, but they never forgot Solis. They carried his memory with them and were proud to have known him. Thanks to the internet, the duo made a shocking discovery. 

Their friend was alive - they were in disbelief as the reality of the news set in. They knew they needed to see him again and dreamed about the reunion that was 53 years in the making.

Three men became like brothers when they served in the Vietnam war together. | Source:



They contacted Solis' family, who revealed that his 75th birthday was coming up. It was the perfect time and place to reconnect with him, and the men kept the surprise to themselves until the party.

In 2019, they showed up to celebrate with Solis and what transpired next was incredible. The moment the veteran laid eyes on his former brothers in arms, he was speechless. 

Veterans are tearful as they embrace each other during a surprise reunion. | Source:



The trio embraced as tears fell from their eyes in an emotional and unforgettable reunion. Solis revealed that he recognized Sloane instantly, but it took a while before he realized who Martin was.

The men spent lots of time chatting and getting to know each other's families. It was a day none of them foresaw, but one they would cherish forever. 

Veteran wipes away his tears after seeing his former brothers in arms. | Source:



A local veteran's biker club made the reunion even more special and a video of the day went viral. The display of love and affection touched many netizens. One commenter wrote: "Brothers in war. Brothers to the end. Brothers for life." 

Another aptly stated: "That closeness you have with your brothers in the military cannot be replicated anywhere. Look at how the men embrace each other and have no problems showing affection." 



Veterans have many memories from their time in service, and often they can recall their relationships from decades before. A Vietnam War veteran who vowed never to have children was surprised when a woman reached out to him in 2017. 

Fifty-year-old Olivia Robles discovered that Gary Barnes was her biological father. He had a brief relationship with a woman while serving in the war and was unaware it resulted in pregnancy. However, he was thrilled to hear that he was a father.

Their reunion was emotional, much like Ivis, Jim, and Tony's—proving that friendship and love never dies.