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Pregnant Mom Sees Baby's Legs Sticking Out of Her, Calls Son to Deliver Baby in the Bathroom

Lois Oladejo
Mar 14, 2022
08:40 P.M.
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A young boy is given no choice but to step up to help his mom deliver his baby brother, who had decided to arrive stealthily. According to doctors, the child would have died without his intervention.


Big brothers have a role to play in keeping their younger ones safe from harm, but what happens when that role, which usually starts after the baby's arrival, begins before the delivery?

That's what happened with Jayden Fontenot, a young boy from Sulphur, Louisiana. Fortunately, he stood up to the challenge. It all began one Friday morning in 2018 when his mom, Ashly Moreau, woke up and went to the bathroom, not knowing she was in labor. 

[Left] Ashly Moreau holding her new born baby in her arms; [Right] Jayden Fontenot at the hospital with his mother Ashly Moreau and his brother. | Source: 2 Click2Houston


No sooner had she looked down that she noticed two things; one, that her water had just broken, and; two, her newborn's feet were already hanging out. 

The woman had been home alone with Jayden and his toddler sister at the time, so he was the only one she could call for aid. 

When he arrived in the bathroom, he saw that his mom was bleeding out, so he quickly dashed to his granny's home to alert her. 

Jayden Fontenot carrying his baby sister while she was playing with her toys.| Source: 2 Click2Houston


In response, she called an ambulance; however, there was not much the granny could do, so Jayden returned to his mom's side, determined to help. 

Meanwhile, back in the bathroom, Ashly had started bleeding out, the baby had breeched, and his legs had gone purple, which meant he wasn't getting enough oxygen. Moreau said

"When he got to the bathroom, he just took a deep breath and said, 'ok, Mom, just tell me what I need to do.'"

Kersey Richard carrying their toddler on his laps and Jayden Fontenot during their visit to the hospital to see the new born. | Source: 2 Click2Houston


According to the proud Moreau, her son hadn't looked afraid and had instead looked calmly at her, which gave her the courage to accept his help. 

Determined to help, Jayden used his little brother's already visible legs to pull the baby out while his mother assisted him by pushing. Still, the child was not breathing properly even after the delivery, and Ashly had not stopped bleeding.

She asked him to get a nasal aspirator from the kitchen to clear the baby's nose. He hurriedly carried out her instructions, and the baby took its first breath.

Kersey Richard, Ashly Moreau, Jayden Fontenot and their toddler | Source: 2 Click2Houston


Shortly after that, EMS pulled up at their home, and both mother and baby were carried off to the hospital for more care.

Doctors admitted later that had Jayden not delivered the baby, it would have been too late for the child, and Ashly may have bled out in the end. 

In a news broadcast, Ashly revealed how proud she is of her son and the level-headed calmness he displayed at such a crucial moment because a lot could have gone wrong. 

Her husband, Kersey Richard, echoed those sentiments and even called the boy "brave," stating that he did something that didn't get done often. 

No doubt, Ashly and Kersey can be rest assured that no matter where they are, big brother Jayden will be looking out for his siblings — he definitely has a fun story to tell them. 


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