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An Hour into Their Conversation, Mother Calls Son a ‘Future Murderer'

Rita Kumar
Mar 16, 2022
06:00 A.M.
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After a week's silent treatment, the man's parents reached out to discuss his future. An hour into their intense conversation, his mother declared he would be a 'future murderer.'


Parents would want the best for their children—a purposeful and rewarding career filled with training and adventure. But what would you do if your parents disapprove of your dream career just because they feel it's not what they want you to do?

Posting under SaveFile23, a young man knew his parents would disapprove of his career choice. He asked random strangers on Reddit's "AITA" forum if he had taken the wrong route by reacting extremely to his mom declaring him a 'future murderer.'

OP never expected his mother would declare him a "future murderer." | Source: Shutterstock


Around four months before the incident, the Original Poster (OP) got emails from an army recruit advising him to take the ASVAB, a heavily-researched aptitude test for military aspirants. Initially, OP said he was annoyed because his parents instilled in him gruesome details about life in the military.

OP's parents opposed his interest in enlisting in the armed forces and always had plenty of reasons to keep him from enrolling. But after deep thought, he decided to meet a recruiter to weigh his options before making the life-changing decision.

Eventually, OP met a Marines recruiter and was surprised by the incredible benefits they explained. However, OP opted to join the military, specifically the Air Force, despite knowing his parents wouldn't approve. Nearly two months later, he disclosed his decision to them.


OP's parents didn't want him to enlist in the military. | Source: Pexels

OP knew his parents wouldn't take his decision lightly, but he didn't realize the extremity their reactions would take. According to his parents, seeing their son in the military meant failure. They never talked to OP for a week, assuming he would give up his decision.


A veteran said the decision to join the armed forces was entirely OP's call  & that nobody had the right to decide it for him. 

As time ticked by, OP realized it was the most extended silent treatment he'd gotten from his parents. Ultimately, he blocked them, and while prepping to cut them off from his life, he was bombarded with texts from his father's social media accounts the next day. His parents demanded he unblock them and they get down to some serious talk.

After a week's silent treatment, OP's parents reached out to him through social media texts. | Source: Unsplash


OP was determined to stand up for himself and not give up his career choice. But an hour into their intense conversation, OP's mother dropped the bomb, saying: "Being a future murderer is no way to find yourself."

The aspiring serviceman felt his mom's statement was an insult and trampled on his ambitions. And in the spur of the moment, he decided it was pointless to try and please his parents. He stopped messaging them and asked the internet for advice.

Although some users thought OP wasn't at fault, most offered a neutral perspective on his plight. One of the commenters stated, "She's allowed to have negative feelings about your decisions, and you aren't required to talk to her if you don't want to."


OP's mom declared he would become a 'future murderer' & provoked him to decide on the extreme. | Source: Pexels

"Serving in the military can be hard, yes, and for good or for ill, it will change you," Redditor Operation_Timberwolf asserted. The person proclaimed their service in the military was a blend of the proudest and challenging times, adding:


"'s a good job, you can turn it into a great career, there are excellent benefits, or you can use it to further your education."

The veteran also said the decision to join the armed forces was entirely OP's call and that nobody had the right to decide it for him.

"There are some good benefits, but they do come at a cost...but make sure you talk to veterans and active military to prepare yourself," user Soiree1999 advised.

A veteran shared his perspective & advised OP on his plight. | Source: Pexels


After rummaging through the insightful comments, OP claimed that he wasn't joining the military for the benefits and that his ultimate career choice was in Aerospace Engineering.

 "I changed from Marines to USAF because USAF is more helpful to me. The military is not going to be my retirement career," he explained, citing how his career in the military would only be a stepping stone.

As for OP's parents, it's uncertain if they'd accepted his decision to join the armed forces as OP has kept readers in the dark for nearly two years. 

OP aspires to become an Aerospace Engineer in the USAF. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Would you judge your child's success/failure based on their career choice?

OP said his parents regarded him as a failure because he wanted to join the armed forces. They insulted and criticized him, but OP stood his ground till the end. Would you judge your child's future with their career choice? Will you readily accept their decision even if you don't approve of their choice?

Would you cut off your parents after they disapprove of your life choices?

OP blocked his parents' numbers as he felt it was the best decision for his mental well-being rather than giving in to intense arguments regarding his military career. Will you do the same, or will you explain the reasons that led you to choose a particular job and help your parents understand your aspirations?

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