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Groom Plays Video on Big Screen, Exposing His Bride’s Infidelity during the Wedding

Salwa Nadeem
Mar 17, 2022
12:00 A.M.
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The groom asked the DJ to play a video during his wedding ceremony. Everyone thought it would be an adorable slideshow of the couple, but it was something that made the bride run out of the wedding hall.


The photographer at the wedding ceremony opened up about the strange incident on Reddit. What seemed like a typical wedding turned into an unusual one within seconds.

Curious, the photographer approached the groom and asked him about the video. He explained why he played the video in front of his guests.

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Excited to shoot photos at the event, the photographer entered the wedding hall with a partner. The bride and groom happily welcomed them inside. 

Before taking out the camera, the photographer and the partner ensured everything was in place for capturing the precious moments perfectly. 

"My partner and I were setting stuff up for the reception, and the groom came up to us and asked the DJ if he could play a video for his wife," the photographer recalled

The photographer arrived at the venue on time. | Source: Unsplash


They thought the groom must have prepared an adorable slideshow of the couple's photos together, but it was something totally unexpected. 

Everyone was shocked to see the video, and most of the guests started to leave.

The guests faced the big screen with drinks in their hands, waiting for the slideshow to start. Within a few seconds, their smiles disappeared, and their eyes widened. 

The groom wanted to play a video on the big screen. | Source: Unsplash


The groom had played a video depicting the bride having an affair with the best man. All eyes turned towards the bride after the video finished. The guests expected her to speak up. 

The sound of the bride's footsteps broke the silence as she rushed towards the exit. A few seconds later, the best man stood up to follow her, after which the groom's father "punched him out."

Everyone was shocked to see the video, and most of the guests started to leave. Just then, the bride's father apologized to the groom and asked everyone to stay back and enjoy themselves. 

The bride stood up and rushed towards the exit. | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, the photographer approached the groom and asked him why he invited the guests when he knew the bride was cheating on him. 

The groom explained they had signed a prenup which stated that if either party is proven to have committed adultery by the time of the divorce, the offender would have to pay $15,000 to the other party. 

"People aren't making prenups like that unless they already have a feeling that something is going on," Redditor orthopod stated

A Redditor assumed the groom had already suspected his wife-to-be of cheating on him so he added the extra clause in the prenup. | Source: Unsplash


The photographer revealed that the bride's father had inserted the clause in the prenup because his elder daughter's husband had cheated on her. He wanted to ensure things were still under control if the same happened with his younger daughter. 

Meanwhile, coding_ape asked why the bride accepted the prenup. OP replied that the bride must be thinking she wouldn't get caught, or it might be possible that she wasn't cheating at the time. 

Most Redditors felt happy for the groom and believed he took his revenge in the best possible way. They were also glad the bride's father asked everyone to stay and enjoy the rest of the party. 


A Redditor wondered why the bride signed the prenup when she was already cheating. | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Would you take revenge in the same way if you were the groom?


Some people might think the groom went overboard with his revenge since it was pretty embarrassing for the bride. However, other people like the groom might feel this was the right way, thinking she got what she deserved. What do you think?

Do you think the groom was at fault for wasting the bride's father's money on a wedding that he knew was going to end quickly?

Since the groom had the evidence in his hands, he could have confronted the bride and called off the wedding. Instead, he allowed the wedding to continue and the bride's father to pay for it.  Since the bride's father was innocent, the groom could have saved his would-be father-in-law the expense of a wedding that was bound to end quickly. What do you think?

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