Lifeless Newborn Starts Breathing Again after Prayers: 'God Brought Her Back for a Reason'

Dayna Remus
Mar 17, 2022
02:00 A.M.
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Tiny but strong, one baby struggled for dear life. Her family got on their knees and clasped their hands together. Not long after, doctors were in complete awe. 


In 2014, an expecting mother, Robin Cyr, from Halifax, Canada, couldn't wait to say hello to her baby growing inside of her.

However, when the time came, the 34-year-old faced an unspeakable horror. This mom-to-be then took to her faith, hoping for even the tiniest of miracles. 

Robin Cyr with her newborn named Miracle. | Source:



Giving birth in the early hours of the morning, Cyr was devasted to find out that her newborn had passed away. 

According to the doctors, the little one had been crammed in the birth canal during the birth process. Although Cyr's baby was proclaimed medically dead, she didn't give in for almost half an hour, sitting and staring at her child. 

The nurse eventually took the baby away. But, her aunt began praying, and something miraculous occurred, leaving not only the family but doctors in deep shock

Robin Cyr’s newborn baby. | Source: Next News Network



Miraculously, another caregiver returned to the room where they were grieving and praying. Completely taken aback, the nurse told them that the baby was breathing. The mother expressed:

"All I can say is the hand of God. That's what everyone's saying; she's here for a reason. God brought her back for a reason."

In honor of what she viewed to be the work of God, the beyond-relieved mom chose to name her little fighter "Miracle" -- a reminder of why she survived the impossible. 



Beyond the nurses and mother, the surgeon himself did not have any scientifically viable reason for "Miracle" coming back to life. As the mom said

"He [the surgeon] said it's a miracle. He said, 'I'm very sorry I gave up on your baby when I did because I turned around and she's breathing on her own.'"

Whatever the reason for this baby's survival, not one of us can avoid the awe that comes along when reading stories such as this that seem to challenge logic. 



Although it appears as if these instances are scarce, miracles are born every day. In 2003, a pregnant Edrea Espinoza was rushed to the hospital. 

This was after she awoke in agonizing pain. Sadly, her worst fears were realized when she arrived at the medical center.

The baby she had been carrying for seven months had to be taken out and was dead by all medical standards. The doctors attempted to try and save the little one to no avail

Edrea Espinoza. | Source:



Although she hadn't taken part in her religious background for quite some time, the mother chose to hold her still angel while they baptized her daughter. Espinoza recalled:

"That was the first time I talked to God in a long time. And I just asked him to please take care of her. " 

From there on, a string of inexplicable instances occurred as the newborn began breathing. She was put onto life support, where they said if she survived, she would be severely brain-damaged. 



They eventually chose to take her off life support, but instead of passing on, she began breathing and finally, eating, moving, and was taken home in perfect health. 

Her loving mom chose to name her Aiyana, which means "eternal bloom" -- a testament to the gentle yet undying persistence of these two little ones to continue living and thriving.  

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