facebook.com/Thee Hill Triplets, Due October 2016
Source: facebook.com/Thee Hill Triplets, Due October 2016

Wife Finds Out She's Pregnant after Husband's Tragic Death, Sees Triplets on Her Ultrasound Later

Stephen Thompson
Mar 21, 2022
03:20 A.M.
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A woman lost her husband a couple of days before discovering she was pregnant with triplets — she has vowed to keep his memory alive even within his kids. 


The year 2016 got off to a bad start for Courtney Hill when on February 2, her husband Brian, a retired Navy Corpsman and Bronze Star winner, lost his life in an accident.

The tragic affair happened in Oklahoma, where Brian had been making deliveries for a lumber company. The death hurt Courtney, who had been deeply in love with her hubby.

Picture of Courtney Hill and her husband Brian with their daughter, Reagan | Source:facebook.com/Thee Hill Triplets, Due October 2016


Speaking about their relationship, Courtney's twin sister Amanda Willey said: "They had a relationship unlike any other couple I've ever met ... just the smile on their faces, the sparkle in their eye. Anyone that was around them knew they loved each other."

A couple of years before his demise, the pair, who got married on July 14, 2012, had welcomed their daughter Reagan and hoped to expand their family even more. 


According to Willey, Courtney had taken a pregnancy test the morning of the accident, but the result had been negative. She took another one on the day of her husband's wake, which turned out positive. 

It meant she had to feel both the anguish of losing the father of her children and the joy of having a life growing inside of her.


Still, Courtney was glad that she found out when she did because it gave her the opportunity to let her husband know while holding his hand at the wake — that kid they had always wanted would soon arrive. 

Things got dicey about a month later when the expecting mother and grieving widow was rushed to the hospital due to what they thought was a miscarriage. 


Fortunately, it was not as tragic, and Courtney left with the news that she would have not one but three kids. Willey said about the discovery:

"[We were] shocked and very excited, we feel it is a blessing."


Courtney, who is a full-time mom, will have to cater to her triplets by herself. Thankfully, she also has a strong support system in her family, and Willey, her twin, wasted no time proving her usefulness. 

She launched a GoFundMe campaign for Courtney and titled it "The Hill Triplets Due October 2016" to help her sister and her unborn kids. The fund skyrocketed to over $30,000 of its $50,000 goal in two weeks.


They received a lot thanks to Willey's thoughtfulness, and Courtney was given hope that the long and arduous journey ahead could be bearable even if inevitable as a single mom. 

As the kids get older, Courtney's ultimate plan is to make sure they never forget who their father was. She said, "From military to family man ... he was the true hero. He was an amazing man, always willing to help others. He was just an amazing father and husband. He was perfect."

The year started with a tragedy for Courtney, but there was a silver lining, and even though she lost her husband, the proud mother was blessed with three more beautiful kids that carry his attributes. Rest in peace, Brian!