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Girl Gets Pregnant and Dumps Baby on Her Father, 16 Years Later She Wants to Interfere in His Life

Rita Kumar
Mar 26, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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The woman barely came around to see her estranged son, and even if she did, she ignored him. While she was indifferent to his presence for 16 years, she suddenly claimed her rights on him after noticing a trophy in her dad's house. 


For some, the prospects of early parenthood can be frustratingly difficult and scary, especially when significant responsibilities land on childcare at a very young age.

49-year-old Redditor BaconCheesecake1286 welcomed his daughter when he was 15. Taking the hint from what he went through as a teenage parent, he knew what his daughter dealt with when she fell pregnant at 18. And it didn't surprise him when she said she didn't want the baby.

The dad adopted her baby boy after she signed away her parental rights to him. While all was well for 16 years, a recent incident left him fuming, and he consulted Reddit's "AITA" sub for a verdict.


After 16 years of abandoning her son, the woman realized she had to act as his "responsible mother." | Source: Shutterstock

The Original Poster (OP)'s daughter pursued her dreams after her baby's birth while OP fully supported her and raised his grandson as his son. The boy grew up aware of his birth mother, but he eventually gave up rekindling their lost relationship as she constantly expressed her hostility whenever she was around.


The dad laughed and reminded his daughter she had no say on the boy as he was "his son."

OP was always supportive of both their life choices. Whether it was his daughter getting engaged to her long-time boyfriend or about his grandson coming out, OP respected their dreams.

OP raised his grandson while his daughter went away to pursue her dreams. | Source: Unsplash


Since OP's daughter didn't want to keep any secrets from her fiancé, who had younger kids of his own, she disclosed her son to him. Unaware of the woman's estrangement with her son, her fiancé's children insisted on meeting their "new brother."

The real problem sparked when OP's daughter and fiancé brought the kids along to meet the boy. Just as the family sat down to talk while the kids played outside, the fiancé was astonished when he saw a trophy on the shelf. OP explained it was his grandson's after he won in a minor local skating competition. 

Meanwhile, OP couldn't help but notice how disturbed his daughter looked. She sent her fiancé to check on the kids and anxiously asked OP how he could let the boy do something so risky. She asserted that skating was for "miscreants" and as "his mother," she didn't want to see the boy skating anymore.


In the process, OP's seething temper reached the boiling point.

The woman's fiancé spotted the trophy OP's grandson had won at a local skating competition. | Source: Unsplash

The dad laughed and reminded his daughter she had no say on the boy as he was "his son." She didn't take this lightly and said he was being cruel. She left, following their heated conversation.


Although OP felt he wasn't at fault, pondering his reaction made him rethink whether he was being rude and sarcastic, holding his parental rights over his daughter. He asked random strangers on the sub: "...these past few weeks have been emotional, so maybe I overreacted, so AITA?"

OP's daughter was furious with him when he told her she had no say in "his son's" affairs. | Source: Pexels


Redditor CakeisaDie was one among the thousands who believed OP wasn't wrong. The person in the post's top-voted comment stated:

"She is a "Birth Mom" She's not Mommy...You are the parent, and you corrected her rightfully."

Redditor BlacksmithMotor2580 questioned, "So, your daughter was born when you were 15, and you still raised her and fought to have a relationship with her, but then when she was 18 (3 years older than you were), she washed her hands of her own child?"

People on Reddit condemned OP's daughter for abandoning her son. | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, some people asked OP if his grandson knew about their heated conversation. "No, he wasn't there…but I'm really stumped on how I should bring this up, if I should even bring this up," OP painfully confessed.

As for raising his grandson as his son, OP reflected on the painstaking phase he'd gone through as a young parent. "That's why I took him in. I know firsthand what it's like becoming a parent at such a young age," he said.

OP raised his grandson as his son after he reflected on what he'd gone through as a young parent himself. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Should you become a parent at a very young age, would you forgo your responsibilities to pursue your dreams?

When OP's daughter fell pregnant at 18, she thought she was too young to have a child. Although she birthed a baby boy, she refrained from taking responsibility and handed her dad full parenting custody over the newborn. What would you do if you were the mother in OP's story? Would you surrender your motherly responsibilities to chase your passions?

How would you react to your son/daughter expecting not wanting to become a parent too young?


When OP's daughter told him she didn't want to keep the baby, he stepped forward and adopted the child after she signed her parental rights to him. He respected his daughter's dreams and fully supported her when she said she didn't want a baby when she was too young. Would you support your child in a similar scenario?

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