'Is That Really Your Baby?' Black Mom Is Exhausted from Constantly Proving Her White Baby Is Hers

Dayna Remus
Mar 24, 2022
02:00 P.M.

Tragically, even in the 21st century, we continue to face prejudice. One black mother was at the center of this hailstorm, facing vocal bias every day, sometimes to the degree of dangerous aggression.


Although transitioning to parenthood is tiring, giving birth to a newborn and looking after them is a beautifully messy experience.

Sadly, for Ena Miller, this remarkable journey was consistently interrupted by individuals commenting on her baby's skin. These incessant and unsolicited remarks left her exhausted.

Ena Miller with her baby Bonnie. | Source: twitter.com/little_eeee

Ena Miller with her baby Bonnie. | Source: twitter.com/little_eeee


Miller's child Bonnie is mixed-race, although her skin color is significantly lighter. The loving mom sports dark skin, and her partner is caucasian.

While she loves her multiracial family, this mother is irked by strangers intrusively asking questions about her daughter's skin color. Sometimes they even ask Miller if Bonnie is her child.



The mom claims that this happens everywhere, including in public areas like restaurants and shops. The terrifying part is how threatening some individuals become when they see her with Bonnie. As Miller recalled:

"A lovely walk turned unpleasant. A man appeared, aggressively shouting, 'Why is your baby so white?' He circled around us, seemingly enraged."


What has shocked her, Miller purported, is that all of the people who had nasty things to say about the color of Bonnie's skin were black individuals.


What was genuinely hurtful was that these behaviors began almost right after Bonnie was born in 2020. Having given birth, the new mom was lying in the hospital bed, holding her baby. A woman walked in, and as Miller remembers:

"She asked, 'Is that your baby?'... she repeated, 'Is that really your baby?'"


The lady remarked on how incredibly "white" Bonnie was -- a prelude to all the future questions, queries, and harassment Miller would face.


Conversations around race continue to be challenging, shining light on many issues such as what Miller goes through.

She is not alone -- other dark-skinned mothers with light-skinned children seem to face similar problems.


But, one mom of a then 6-year-old, Jeena Wilder, was not about to keep quiet about this.

Speaking about her experience with her light-skinned child in a viral video on August 26, 2020, the mom said individuals would ask if she was the babysitter or nanny.

Wilder said that out of all the assumptions people could make concerning her and her child, the road they choose to take is close-minded and sad.

What is your opinion on how the general public has chosen to treat these two mothers, and how does it make you feel? Do you think it should change? Why and how?

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