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Mom Loses Daughter in a Crash, Finds Note from Her: 'I Know God's Going to Do Incredible Things'

Dayna Remus
Mar 24, 2022
10:40 A.M.

One young lady was only beginning her life on her way to fulfill a deeper purpose, but tragedy got in the way. Only her words were left behind -- a treasure that her mom held in her hands as she read it aloud and sobbed.


"We are like a wisp of smoke. We are only here for a moment" -- this partial Bible verse is part of what 17-year-old, Sarah Harmening, texted her friends one morning in June of 2017.

Later that day, a group of individuals traveled on a bus, making their way to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. They would be taking a trip to Botswana.

Sarah Harmening’s loved ones. | Source: youtube.com/11Alive facebook.com/karen.harmening

Sarah Harmening’s loved ones. | Source: youtube.com/11Alive facebook.com/karen.harmening


Tragically, this bus struck another vehicle. There were injuries among the 37 individuals in the group but no fatalities. This was except for one teenage girl: Sarah Harmening from Huntsville.

This trip was not for fun but rather for a church mission group -- perfect for the devout Sarah who saved all her money so she could join.



This young lady's faithful nature was reflected in a note she wrote in her journal on the bus before passing. Her mother Karen read it at a press conference, saying:

"I was just sitting here on the bus feeling a little sad. I guess because I'm going to be gone so long, and I was a little uncomfortable."


The teen penned that she then looked to the bible for comfort, saying that it reflected everything she was experiencing.


Sarah claimed that it implied that she was responsible for looking after the children in Botswana that she would be meeting. She wrote:

"So mostly, I was just reminded of why I am here and that God has called me here and has done this for a reason. So, I know God's going to do incredible things."


Her mother cried while vocalizing her passed daughter's written words aloud, calling everyone to look to Christianity through her tears.


Sarah's family has been lucky to be surrounded by a loving community with churches donating meals to the affected group in their city. Pastor Warren Henry spoke about the church group and Sarah's relatives, saying:


"We're grateful for this opportunity for all those who have come, all those who have helped. For just making what is such a hard time for this family a whole lot easier at this moment."

Faith and community appear to be the bread and butter helping this family get through the trauma and grief they had just experienced. While this may not act as everyone's coping mechanism, it can be beautiful to witness.


Beyond their religion and an extensive support system, another aspect that brought this family solace was Sarah's written words.

The same was true for Ashley Whisenhunt, whose husband died on October 18, 2014. The 26-year-old passed away due to a rare genetic disorder called Marfan syndrome.

While her late husband Mitchell Raleigh Whisenhunt's body was physically gone, he had poured his soul into dozens of letters left behind for those he loved dearly.


This included his wife and his general family with a big focus on his daughter, who he wrote several letters for her to read as she grew up.

While we may pass, our words will live on. So, beyond thinking before we speak, we should be careful to write with discernment. Whether it be a pen or a keyboard, be sure to make it count.

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