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Adopted Girl Is Told Mom Tried to Terminate Her Pregnancy, Mom Is Told the Baby Died

Stephen Thompson
Mar 27, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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An adopted girl discovers the secret behind her birth and is shocked to find out that her birth mom had been trying to get rid of her — now, the pair are best of friends.


It shocked Melissa Ohden when she was informed that she had been found by a nurse who heard her cries from inside a bin after her mom, Ruth, tried to abort her.

She had been discarded as toxic waste, and her mother had left the hospital thinking the bad memory of having to end her child's life would eventually fade. However, the woman found out her child had lived about three decades later — here is their story. 

Pictures of Melissa Ohden with her mother Ruth | Source: facebook.com/melissaohdensurvivor



Ruth's child was aborted by her mother, who had been a nurse. According to DailyMail, she had been given a toxic saline solution for five days when she was eight months pregnant.

Believing this was guaranteed to work, the young woman had left the hospital without turning back, eager to forget what had happened. 

After leaving, the child was discarded in a waste bin, but fortunately, a nurse heard her "weak cries" and decided to rescue her.


She was rushed to an intensive care unit, where she miraculously survived. At first, the doctors thought she would lack the ability to see, and at some point, they were convinced she possibly had fatal heart disease. 

Ruth's mother wanted the baby left to die, but contrary to her wishes, the child named Melissa had survived and gone on to get adopted. "It is astonishing," Melissa once revealed. "I pinch myself some days."



Melissa discovered she was an abortion survivor when her adoptive sister made the mistake of saying too much during an argument. "You know Melissa, at least my biological parents wanted me," she had reportedly shouted before common sense kicked in. 

Melissa was initially confused, but she quickly put two and two together, which led to an intense discussion with her adoptive parents. That discussion revealed her tragic story, and her mental health paid for it. She developed an eating disorder, and she struggled with alcohol abuse, choosing to turn the pain she felt on herself. 

That pain kept building until, at age 19, she decided to look for her birth mom. It took her ten years, but when she finally found her, she was shocked that the woman knew nothing about her survival. 



When Melissa finally tracked Ruth down, she discovered that the woman had not been aware that she had survived. She says:

"The biggest secret truly is that my birth mother had spent over 30 years of my life believing I had died that day at the hospital. She was not told I survived. It was kept a secret from her."

According to Melissa, Ruth had no idea what sex her child was and had not known when she was put up for adoption or if there had even been an option.


This very reason made it easy for the pair to bond with one another. They emailed back and forth for three years before they finally met face to face. 

According to Melissa, there had been regret in her mom's eyes, and it haunted her for quite some time — she would later describe the moment as "surreal." Melissa was even more shocked when she learned that the abortion had not exactly been something Ruth chose.


Ruth had been put in a spot that left her with no choice but to get the abortion thanks to her mother and her friend, a local abortionist. "They were able to bypass the hospital regulations and procedures that my birth mother would have had to go through," Melissa said

Ruth could not fight back because the hospital believed it had been her choice. But luckily for her, Melissa had survived and returned to her.

By chance, the pair now live together in Kansas, and they spend as much time as they can together. 


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