Man Takes Girlfriend’s Phone, Sees Her Chat with Stranger & Gets a Paternity Test on Newborn

Rita Kumar
Mar 29, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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The man was clueless why his girlfriend constantly pushed him to put his name down on their newborn baby's birth certificate. One day, she'd left her phone unlocked, and he picked it up.


Victims of infidelity can experience an outburst of emotions, including anger, anxiety, humiliation, and despair. And as a devoted boyfriend, 28-year-old Redditor throwraaway4ever found himself helplessly struggling with his turmoil.

He admitted to scouting around Reddit's "Surviving Infidelity" sub when he first suspected his girlfriend of cheating. But somewhere from the depths of his heart, he was confident he wouldn't be posting there. Unfortunately, he did after he discovered a soul-crushing truth on her phone.

OP discovered a painful truth on his girlfriend's phone.


There weren't any pitfalls in the two years the Original Poster (OP) dated his 25-year-old girlfriend. Their relationship went smoothly, followed by an unexpected pregnancy announcement. OP was quite stunned because his girlfriend was on birth control.

While OP was looking for clues, his girlfriend accidentally left her phone unlocked and went to tend to their baby.

Although it wasn't how OP wanted to start his life, he was thrilled with the news. The couple consulted the doctor and figured it could've been just one of those "lucky" times when OP's girlfriend could've gotten pregnant despite using protective measures.


OP was thrilled when his girlfriend announced her pregnancy. | Source: Unsplash

In the first trimester of his girlfriend's pregnancy, OP let her move in with him after she insisted. The couple planned certain things and wanted to ensure they had enough time for their baby.


OP took utmost care of his pregnant partner and was always there at every visit to the doctor. But in one instance, OP's girlfriend told him to wait outside while she talked to the doctor.

It seemed sketchy, but OP agreed. As time passed, he was worried that something was wrong with the baby. So out of curiosity and fear, he walked into the office to find out.

OP's girlfriend told him she wanted to talk to the doctor in private. | Source: Pexels


By then, the check-up was over, and although everything looked fine, something unexplainable worried OP. His girlfriend vaguely brushed it off when he asked her why he couldn't be there for the complete check-up.

As the couple neared their due date, with barely a month and a half left for the delivery, OP noticed his partner was overly secretive with her phone. She never discussed her calls and texts with him and reasoned it was work-related and confidential. However, seeds of doubt gradually implanted in OP's mind.

After the birth of their baby boy, OP was delighted, but a nagging feeling told him something suspicious was going on as he observed his girlfriend's behavior. The final red flag was hoisted when she constantly nagged him to sign the baby's birth certificate. He'd never seen her so anxious and refused to do it.


OP had never seen his wife so anxious than when she pestered him sign his name on the baby's birth certificate. | Source: Pexels

Then one day, while OP was looking for clues, his girlfriend accidentally left her phone unlocked and went to tend to their baby. Sensing the golden opportunity, OP took the phone and rummaged through the calls and chats. Moments later, what he discovered set alarm bells ringing.


Along with pictures of her and the baby, OP's girlfriend had shared updates on her appointments with a guy. As OP rummaged through their texts, he froze at the part his girlfriend said she doubted if the baby could be the guy's. 

When OP confronted his girlfriend about it, she admitted to her infidelity. OP was fuming and demanded a paternity test.

The results arrived a week later and proved the baby wasn't his. And after some digging, he found out the baby's biological father was his girlfriend's boss, who had a wife and four kids in middle and high school. In his anger, he outed the affair to the man's wife.

OP was shattered and painfully asserted, "I have no idea how to recover from this."


The baby's biological father was none other than the girlfriend's boss. | Source: Pexels

Just about everyone who pondered OP's plight applauded him for bringing the matter to the boss's wife's notice. Redditor 11-HighValueMan expressed:


"Damn. I'm sorry. Dodged a huge bullet. That poor wife of the AP. Glad you told her. At least you are not tied to her like the AP's wife is tied to him."

OP admitted he'd made a narrow miss from complicating his life by not proposing to his girlfriend. "I did dodge a bullet, but it hurts like hell. I'm thankful I could go no contact and not worry about a divorce or anything," he proclaimed.

Meanwhile, some people were curious to know how the boss's wife reacted to the issue.

After the tumultuous episode, OP was relieved he hadn't proposed to his girlfriend. | Source: Unsplash


"I found out through my ex that he lost his job… His wife contacted me over a week later. She was still in shock, I guess. She kicked him out. I have no idea where he went," OP declared in his update.

Meanwhile, OP's love story was on the verge of ending in a tragic climax as he constantly turned down his girlfriend's measures to reconcile with him.

"I'm still in shock some and still heartbroken...I know there's hope. I know it will get better. This shook me to my core, and I don't know how long it'll take," he conclusively admitted.

Only time will tell how long it would take for OP's heartbreak to heal. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Would you confront your partner after noticing the initial clues of their infidelity, or would you neglect it until you see something significant?

Although OP noticed a series of red flags that hinted at his girlfriend's probable affair, he confronted her only after reading her texts to her affair partner. Do you think OP could've found out the truth in advance had he confronted his partner sooner? How would you handle a similar plight? Would you directly discuss the issue with your partner, or would you gather enough evidence to confront them?

Would you leave the child you were set to raise after the paternity test reveals you're not the biological parent?


When the paternity tests revealed OP was not his baby's father, he was heartbroken. Although he gave his girlfriend the cold shoulder, he was compelled to struggle with his emotions because he was still bonded with the baby. What would you do if you were trapped in a similar predicament? Would you give up your parenthood after discovering the child you were prepared to raise isn't yours?

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