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Man Doubts Girlfriend after She Lied about Shopping with Friend Who Was with Him at the Time

Rita Kumar
Mar 22, 2022
06:00 A.M.
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The boyfriend was looking forward to surprising his girlfriend with a proposal ring. But when she said she was out with her friend, it didn't add up because the alleged friend was standing next to him.


The groundwork for any strong relationship is trust. But what would you do when that trust is broken when you least expect it?

28-year-old Redditor throwra_wheredshego found himself sprawling in a web of lies after he caught his girlfriend lying about her whereabouts one afternoon. "My girlfriend and I have zero trust issues, and we tell each other everything, so this lie is killing me," the guy wrote on Reddit as his suspicions grew.

The boyfriend was overly excited to surprise his girlfriend. | Source: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) was preparing for an important occasion in his life—a dramatic wedding proposal. Whenever he picked jewelry for his girlfriend, 26, he usually reached out to their mutual friends for suggestions.

So when it came to picking out the ring, he knew who to ask. OP reached out to "Justine," one of their mutual friends, for the favor. He was sure Justine knew his girlfriend more than anyone else, including him.

OP was prepping for a dramatic wedding proposal. | Source: Unsplash


Since his girlfriend had gone to visit her sister and baby nephew, OP used this time and invited Justine over. Unconvinced by the catalogs, the two decided to go to the jewelry store. To keep this from his girlfriend, they worked around the time they had before his girlfriend returned.

While some propounded on worst-case scenarios, others figured OP had caught his girlfriend cheating on him.

OP sent his girlfriend a clever text inquiring about her time of arrival, telling her this is so that he could grab some takeout by then. However, he got a fishy response that ignited his suspicions.

To keep the surprise, he texted his girlfriend asking her when she would return. | Source: Unsplash


OP's girlfriend told him she would be late by a few hours as she'd just met Justine to go shopping. OP was stunned, and when he showed the text to Justine, she was bewildered as well.

Although OP admitted, at any other time, he would've blindly believed what his girlfriend said, he couldn't muster himself to do it now that Justine was standing in front of him.

When his girlfriend got home, she acted normal, and so did OP. But after some time, he couldn't shake the lie off his head. He badly wanted to ask her but didn't know how. His suspicions began gnawing his peace of mind as he turned to Reddit's "Relationship Advice" sub, stating:


"What do I do? I know she lied to me, but I don't know how to confront her about it. Should I just forget it?"

As a wholesome dose of shock, OP's girlfriend told him she was shopping with Justine. | Source: Unsplash


Fellow Redditors anonymously raced to the comments box to offer their support and advice. While some propounded on worst-case scenarios, others figured OP had caught his girlfriend cheating on him.

OP chuckled at some of the responses and finally decided to be honest with his girlfriend with an outright confrontation. He revealed he invited Justine over to help pick out an engagement ring, and that at the time she texted she was out shopping with her, she was actually with him. "So…what's the deal?" he asked her frankly.

To his surprise, his girlfriend acted strangely. She tried to nudge him about the ring and proposal, but OP got her back on track to the topic where she eventually confessed where she'd been.


OP finally confronted his girlfriend for the truth. | Source: Pexels

It turned out she wasn't cheating on him or buying him a ring as people in the internet suggested. Instead, she was working on a surprise for him too. OP filled readers in before cracking the surprise, saying: "So, some people are dog people, and some people are cat people. Well, me, I'm a snake person."


OP grew up with snakes but respected it when his girlfriend found it uncomfortable to live with one. But as it turned out, she had walked the extra mile to surprise him with a picture of her holding the cutest Kenyan sand boa he'd ever seen.

"Needless to say, my girlfriend was going to surprise me with a snake! We're picking her (the boa) up next week," OP shared, although he felt awkward for ruining her surprise.

"Sorry if this isn't the ending you guys wanted or expected, just a snake, haha," he happily concluded.

Since OP loved snakes, his girlfriend planned to surprise him with a picture of her holding a Kenyan sand boa. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Would you jump to conclusions after catching your partner lying, or would you discuss the truth with them?

Before OP gave readers an update about the surprise his girlfriend had planned for him, several people guessed that she was probably cheating on him or buying him a ring too. Instead, she'd surprised him with a pet snake he'd longed for but couldn't keep due to her uneasiness around snakes. Should you catch your partner lying to you, would you investigate or jump to conclusions?

Would you remain calm as OP after realizing that your partner had hidden a significant truth from you?


Initially, OP was clueless about the surprise his girlfriend planned for him, and he was confused about confronting her about the truth. However, he took it slowly from there instead of thrusting his suspicions on her before addressing his doubts. How would you handle a similar situation?

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