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Widower Who Lost the Love of His Life Receives Hundreds of Letters from Strangers

Dayna Remus
Apr 01, 2022
09:40 P.M.
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After his lifelong partner and true love died, a farmer was full of grief. Then, love began pouring in from all corners of the earth. Would these words from strangers at least soothe the horrible pain of loss? 


By 2019, a then-90-year-old farmer, Jack Rice, and his soulmate, Reva Dean, had been married for just over six decades.

The duo proved that love can stand the test of time and that some are willing to truly stick to their wedding vows.

[Left] Jack Rice kissing his passed wife Reva Dean on the forehead; [Right] Jack Rice standing with his dog in the middle of a bunch of letters shaped like a heart. | Source: facebook.com/lovewhatreallymatters facebook.com/thegivingmanger


Rice made sure to honor his vow to stay with his partner during sickness and health, a commitment that touched many people's hearts around the globe.

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Dean became ill and began to deteriorate. Her husband did not hesitate to look after her in every possible way.

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A photographer, Kayla Presley Maye, visited them to take photos of their last days together. She spoke about how she felt watching this man take care of his wife, expressing:

"This is love y'all. Tender, soft, strong, fragile, and courageous, all wrapped up in one!...We truly are all just walking each other home. [sic]"

This dedicated husband, the photographer said, took on everything. These errands included those he wasn't used to, such as shopping for groceries and cooking. He even fried his first egg!



Sadly, a week after Maye visited the pair, Dean passed away on October 27, 2019. Their story deeply touched her. 

So, she took to Facebook to share their beautiful story with the online community. The post went viral as people sent through their many condolences.


A lot of people asked how they could help. It turns out that they found a fantastic way to assist the grieving man.

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People from everywhere began sending handwritten letters to the widower and sending it to his local church P.O Box. She exclaimed:

"In my heart, I hoped for 100 cards. I never in a million years would have imagined the outpouring of love that people have shown this precious man!"

Families, children, students, widows, and so many more people sent him words of affection from all over the globe.



According to Maye, the widower reads all of them and particularly likes the letters from children. It only fits that such a unique and likable man gets showered with love. As Maye remembered:

"I fell head over heels for this cute little man! He's hilarious and such a flirt."

It is beautiful that a man who shines so bright can receive that light back from people worldwide, especially when facing his darkest moment.