Grieving Mom Learns Her Unborn Son's Birth Date, Says It's a 'Most Special Sign' from Her Late Daughter

Dayna Remus
Apr 05, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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A mother's heart shattered as the doctor's words faded into the background. She knew that she had to say goodbye to that which she couldn't live without. But perhaps new life could ease the emptiness. 


In 2018, Justine Zampogna from Perth, Australia, and her husband Ty, were ecstatic. They were looking forward to the birth of their baby girl Gigi, excited at the prospect of her meeting her older brother Chase.

Sadly, their joy would be short-lived as the doctor told them horrifying news. This information left Zampogna devastated, but she knew she had to do what the doctor told her. 

[Left] Justine Zampogna kissing a stillborn Gigi; [Right] Justine Zampogna with baby Jagger. | Source:


The pregnancy had to be terminated at four months because the baby had a neural tube defect. The mom decided to terminate by giving birth to Gigi as a stillborn.

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She shared a photo of herself on Instagram kissing the tiny girl after birth. While deeply sad, Zampogna was still able to find the good, expressing

"I always saw her as my special little gift, and I felt so lucky that she chose me to be her mama, even for a short while."

She still wondered what her life would have been like had Gigi lived. From spending time with her little girl and doing her hair for her, Zampogna grieved this vision.



Little did she know, there was a miracle waiting around the corner. Although wary, she and her partner Ty chose to attempt to have another baby. Zampogna was still scared, saying

'"I already so deeply knew that being a mum was such a blessing. But my loss just really intensified this to me."

Their bravery paid off, and in December of 2018, Zampogna found out that she was pregnant again. Although happy, she was still anxious after the trauma she faced. 



A gemstone of a baffling coincidence lay among the beautiful mess within all these mixed emotions. As Zampogna said

"And you wouldn't believe it; his due date was the exact same day I birthed her [Gigi] – the most special sign I have ever received."

Zampogna opted to have an intimate at-home delivery, giving birth to their healthy rainbow baby, Jagger, in 2019. 



Along this beautiful journey, Zampogna has not only learned lessons along the way, but she has also connected with many other women going through similar circumstances. She stated

"My words now had a real purpose, and I knew that so many women suffer in silence with this type of loss."

Using her influence to do even more good, she wrote "Birth Book." This book aims to help pregnant women have the best birthing experience possible. 


Zampogna's path extends far beyond being a mother. Her deeper purpose is to help those on the road to becoming moms. She expressed

"I would like women to know that they aren't alone on their pregnancy loss journey. I want them to see the beauty in the heartbreak."

Like many powerful women before her, Zampogna has managed to transform her pain into power. She sees the beauty in her pain, inspires, and paves the pathway for others.

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