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Man Hears His Name during Pilot's Announcement Which Says, 'You're about to Be a Dad'

Dayna Remus
Apr 11, 2022
01:00 A.M.

It was 2016, and one husband went to Las Vegas with his wife, under the impression that "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."... It does not.


Married couple Lisa and Eric Sadiwnyk were trying to have a child. But, in the meantime, they chose to take a trip to Las Vegas.

On the plane ride back to Pennsylvania, Eric stepped onto the plane, completely unaware of what he was walking into.

[Left] Lisa and Eric Sadiwnyk; [Right] Lisa and Eric Sadiwnyk kissing. │Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition

[Left] Lisa and Eric Sadiwnyk; [Right] Lisa and Eric Sadiwnyk kissing. │Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition

Lisa had learned she was pregnant while in Vegas, but her husband had no idea. She chose to keep it a secret and came up with a plan to surprise the father-to-be.



Before boarding, Lisa secretly spoke to the crew members -- she asked them for help. Lisa remembered:

"They were a little wary at first, but when I told them why they were super-excited."

On top of the excitement of being pregnant, Lisa said she was looking forward to surprising her husband. This joy she felt was especially there because she often didn't get to do this kind of gesture for him.



The couple was in their seats waiting for take-off. Then, the pilot addressed their passengers, but they had something shocking to announce. The voice echoed all around the plane, saying:

"Well, Eric, although you didn't strike it rich here in Las Vegas, you did hit the jackpot. Congratulations. You're about to be a dad."

Eric froze as the fantastic news sunk in. He then leaned over to kiss his lovely wife with tears of happiness in his eyes.



Speaking about that moment, Eric said that he was shocked. He also stated that the pilot truly stayed in character by using the normal voice that one expects when listening to the announcements. Eric expressed:

"He [the pilot] really went out of his way to make it special for us."

He said that he hopes everyone who helped make it happen, from the pilot to the cabin crew, enjoyed that moment. The only thing that could bring more joy to their life was their baby's birth.



Even when you want children, finding out that you're having a kid can still be scary -- times that by four and terrified is probably the correct word to use.

Miranda Crawford struggled for years to have children until she and her husband tried IVF. Finally, in 2009, they had a child, but they were not over yet.

Crawford eventually fell pregnant with twins and was over the moon. But, at her second ultrasound, they found that she had not one but two sets of twins!

The mother carried two girls in one placenta and two boys in another. While in shock, Crawford and her partner were also delighted. Like Lisa and Eric, they were excited to expand their beautiful family.

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