Daughter Finds Out Mom Gave up Child for Adoption 21 Years Ago, Decides to Find Her for Her Mom

Stephen Thompson
Apr 11, 2022
11:30 A.M.
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After discovering that her mom gave up a child for adoption, a daughter decided to help the older woman find her long-lost child. Continue reading to find out the mom's reaction after hearing her daughter had been found.


In 2012, a young lady identified as Taylor made the headlines after she helped her mother locate "Kendall," a biological child she had given up for adoption in 1992.

The emotional video of Taylor revealing to her mother that Kendall had been found was shared on Taylor's YouTube channel and has since received over 1.6 million views and over a thousand comments. Here are the details of the story.

Taylor talking to her mom about the surprise | Source: youtube/PureTaylor



In the first three minutes of the video, Taylor casually interacted with her mother before informing the older woman that she had something important to share. 

Immediately, Taylor's mom sat to listen to her daughter and got the most thrilling news — Kendall, the older daughter she gave up for adoption, had been found.

Taylor casually talking to her mom before revealing the surprise | Source: youtube/PureTaylor


After the woman heard the news, she was overjoyed and proceeded to ask questions. Taylor's mom, who still couldn't believe her ears insisted her daughter was lying. She asked Taylor:

"Did you really find her? You're messing with me."

Taylor revealed that she had contacted her "sister," who resided in Dallas, Texas. According to the young YouTuber, Kendall's adoptive parents had told her about her history, and for the longest time, the young lady searched for her birth mother.

Taylor talking to her mom about the surprise | Source: youtube/PureTaylor


Taylor's mom wept as she listened, still finding it hard to believe her daughter had been found. After Taylor told her mom Kendall wanted to meet and have dinner, the emotional woman asked as she wiped tears off her face:

"She's not mad is she?"

Taylor talking to her parents about the surprise | Source: youtube/PureTaylor


Taylor stated that her sister was not angry despite being abandoned as a child. Next, the mother-daughter duo looked at Kendall's picture and spoke about the striking resemblance they shared.

To date, information regarding the mother and child reunion remains unknown. However, Taylor will always be remembered for her thoughtfulness and for putting a smile on her mom's face.



In another similar story, Teresa Stinson and her biological mother, Christine Shirley, reunited 47 years after the former was given up for adoption in 2015.

Both mother and daughter had spent their entire lives wanting to meet each other and wondering what they might be like. After spending years searching for each other, Shirley told ABC News she gave up. In her words:

"I gave up hope as the years went on because I thought, 'well, when she was in her 30s surely she would want to know… who her birth parents were." 

Teresa Stinson and her biological mother, Christine Shirley talking on the phone. | Source: YouTube/abcNews


The key to helping them find each other was when Ohio passed a bill in December 2013 that allowed people born between 1964 and 1996 to be granted access to their original birth certificates.

One of those adoptees was Stinson, who grew up in Middlebranch, Ohio. Despite a happy childhood, she had always wanted to know more about her birth mother.

In March 2015, Stinson, married with two kids, finally got her original birth certificate, which included her birth mom's name.


The day after receiving the certificate, Stinson could track down her birth mother's phone number and call her. Not long after their first phone call, the pair arranged to meet at Shirley's house in Orlando, Florida.

When they finally met, mother and daughter hugged each other in silence, to begin with. Then they started getting to know each other, and it was one of the best experiences. 

Seeing the mother and daughter's reunion should encourage adopted kids searching for their birth parents. Hopefully, they will experience the joy of meeting their biological families someday.