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Mom Gives up Baby Twins for Adoption, Sees Their Faces Again While Celebrating Her 80th Birthday

Dayna Remus
Apr 12, 2022
01:00 A.M.

Marge Garguilo chose to keep a secret for decades, but her past was about to catch up. How would she react when she came face to face with it?


As many of us have been told, the right decisions can often be hard. But, if we can find the strength, we learn how to live with integrity.

At only 20 years old, Garguilo chose to take this path when she fell pregnant by mistake. She traveled from her then-home in New York to Arizona.

[Left] Twins Steve and Dave when they were babies with their adoptive parents; [Right] Twins Steve and Dave with their biological mother Marge Garguilo. │Source: facebook.com/steve.bibel youtube.com/Arizona's Family 3TV and CBS 5 News Phoenix

[Left] Twins Steve and Dave when they were babies with their adoptive parents; [Right] Twins Steve and Dave with their biological mother Marge Garguilo. │Source: facebook.com/steve.bibel youtube.com/Arizona's Family 3TV and CBS 5 News Phoenix

There, she planned to deliver and give her baby up for adoption secretly. She made this decision to give her child a better life. To her utter surprise, Marge found out she had twins and not one child when they were born.



After giving birth, the new mom went to look at the two boys at the nursery. She believed that this moment would be the last time she would see them. Based on the fact that they were twins, Garguilo remembered:

"[I wanted to] make sure that they stayed together. They're brothers, I wanted them to stay together."

Steve and Dave Bibel have had a wonderful life. But, it seemed that neither they nor their biological mother would ever reunite. This reality left a hole in everyone's hearts.



However, there was still hope. Garguilo's sister took action and used the 23andMe website to try to help everyone reconnect -- it worked.

And so, at 60 years old, in 2020, Steve and Dave finally met their now-80-year-old biological mom.

Dave traveled from Texas, while Steve came from California to Phoenix, Arizona. They reunited with their mom on her 80th birthday -- her best present yet.



There appeared to be a mixture of emotions for all three of them. But, disbelief seemed high. Dave expressed:

"Just the whole concept of this coming together was like a God moment for me. "

With a happy smile on his face, he expressed that he found the reunion to be nothing short of astounding.

Garguilo also expressed her bewilderment at this beautiful turn of events. The 80-year-old commented on the beautiful reunion:


"It's unbelievable. I still can't believe it."

It turns out that despite our ability to perceive what is possible and impossible, life has a way of surprising us.


While this notion of possibility rings true for Garguilo and the twins, one mom had almost given up hope of finding her biological daughter.

Minka Disbrow from South Dakota was forced to give up her child. She conceived her daughter when she was a teenager after being sexually assaulted.

She searched for her baby girl for almost eight decades but always came up against dead ends. She turned to her faith for all those years. Disbrow begged God to let her meet her biological daughter.


But, eventually, she grew tired, and in 2006, she got on her knees for one last time. She said it was her final prayer on the matter.

Crazy enough, two months after, her daughter contacted her. The two eventually met in person. Disbrow said it felt as if they had never parted.

She thanks God that she finally managed to reconnect with the baby that had been ripped away from her. Whatever or whoever it was that helped all these people reunite, they seem whole inside -- a part of their hearts has returned.

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