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Mom Forced to Give Baby Girl up for Adoption Hugs Her Again 77 Years Later after Asking God to Meet

Dayna Remus
Mar 30, 2022
01:00 A.M.
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It was decades of searching, and a mother was on the verge of giving up. She got on her knees for one last time to ask God if he would connect her to her long-lost daughter. 


In 1928, Minka Disbrow from South Dakota was only a teenager when she was sexually assaulted.

This resulted in a pregnancy, and ultimately, the teen was forced to have the baby in secrecy.

[Left] Minka Disbrow and Ruth Lee hugging; [Right] Minka Disbrow and Ruth Lee. | Source: facebook.com/TheGospelHerald youtube.com/Tyndale House Publishers


Disbrow spoke about how she felt giving up her baby for adoption, saying:

"It hurt to give her up because you've been with her for a whole month, but you knew it was the best for her, and I had to go on. I had to go on."

She named the newborn Betty Jane, with only a black and white photograph of her, ultimately believing she would never see her baby again. 

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Minka Disbrow. | Source: youtube.com/Tyndale House Publishers



Re-named Ruth Lee, Disbrow's biological daughter, led a happy life. While she was interested in finding out who her blood-related family was, she led a hectic lifestyle which took up a lot of her time. 

However, her priorities changed when she ran into a health crisis in her late seventies and needed genetic medical information.

Minka Disbrow. | Source: youtube.com/Tyndale House Publishers


Although hesitant, Lee chose to appeal for the release of her adoption papers. When this was approved, she received a massive envelope.

She was shocked to find that there were many letters from her biological mother among the legal documents. Disbrow had been writing to her for decades

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Ruth Lee. | Source: youtube.com/Tyndale House Publishers



Beyond the letters, Disbrow had been turning to her faith to find and talk to her daughter for decades. In 2006, she said what she decided was her very last prayer on the matter: 

"Lord, I'd like to see Betty Jane before I die. I promise I won't bother her or interrupt her life. I just want to lay eyes on her."

Two months later, her prayers were answered -- literally. The letters helped her biological daughter trace her details. So, at the request of an anxious Lee, her brother Brian Lee called Disbrow -- the first step towards a heartbreaking reunion


Minka Disbrow and Ruth Lee. | Source: youtube.com/Tyndale House Publishers


Stepping out of the car to greet her daughter in person, everything around Disbrow vanished as she focused on Lee. She squeezed her, later expressing


"It was just like we had never parted. Like you were with the family all your life."

Disbrow then pulled away from her daughter, awed at how the little girl she once knew was now a grandmother. 

Minka Disbrow and Ruth Lee laughing together. | Source: youtube.com/Tyndale House Publishers



Besides the aging, those gorgeous blue eyes of Disbrow's biological daughter were as familiar as ever. Speaking about the moment too, Lee said

"It has been such a surreal, amazing experience that I still think sometimes that I will wake up and it will just be a beautiful dream."

Disbrow believes that God played a powerful role in the reunion. Her black and white photograph has become vibrant with colors that will illuminate her and her family's life forever.  


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