Grieving Widow Broken after Husband's Death Later Gets Message from a Man with the Same Name

Brittany Chalmers
Apr 11, 2022
09:30 P.M.

A young woman lost her husband in a tragic accident and never imagined she would find love again, but she did—the man shared something special with her late husband.


Losing a spouse is never easy, and picking up the pieces after death can take time. When Oklahoma City resident Stephanie Griffioen Mosley lost her husband, she was devastated.

She started dating Rob in 2009, and together, they shared a wonderful life. The pair enjoyed the outdoors, and they loved their son, Josiah. Rob went for a run in 2017, and Mosley started to worry when he had not contacted her as she expected.

[Left] Stephanie Griffioen Mosley and her son; [Right] Mosley's spouse who shares a name with her late husband. | Source: instagram.com/steph_undaunted

[Left] Stephanie Griffioen Mosley and her son; [Right] Mosley's spouse who shares a name with her late husband. | Source: instagram.com/steph_undaunted


Mosley's worst fears were confirmed when she checked Rob's usual route and saw police cars—they revealed that her husband was killed.

The 28-year-old mom never imagined she would need to tell Josiah that his father was dead, but that became her reality. Mosley told him: "Daddy's never coming home," and she added:


"There are not adequate words to summarize a loss like this. The ups and downs in one single day are enough to fill an entire page."



Mosley spent some time dealing with her husband's death, and she shared that hiking and being outside helped her cope. She never thought about moving on, but a simple decision set her life on an unexpected course.

Mosley was stunned when she discovered her new love interest's full name.

Mosley signed up for Match.com, and she got a message from a man whose username was "Frozley." She told him about her painful past, and to her surprise, he did not run away.



Mosley was stunned when she discovered her new love interest's full name. "Frozley's" name was Robert Andrew—he had the same first and second name as her late husband!

She imagined Rob in heaven with Jesus watching over her and laughing as she made the unexpected discovery.



Mosley could not believe her new partner shared the same name as her former spouse, and she said: "It was meant to be. It was absolutely meant to play out this way."

Mosley and Robert were married in 2019, and the grateful couple was aware that pain brought them together. A past divorce broke Robert, so finding love again helped heal his heart, much like he helped Mosley with her tragic loss.



Many people are judged when they find love after the death of a partner. However, Nora McInerny shared her story and helped others see that it is possible to grieve and love at the same time.

McInerny lost her husband to brain cancer in 2014, and she never dreamed about moving on. However, she met Matthew Hart a year later, and they fell in love. They share a beautiful blended family and are grateful to have found each other.

McInerny and Mosley's stories are inspiring, and they encourage others who have experienced loss and grief.

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