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Daughter Discovers Mother Didn't Give Birth to Her after Finding Her Photo from 31 Years Ago

Dayna Remus
Apr 13, 2022
07:20 A.M.

A shocked Silvina Martinez Pintos came across information that left her identity shattered. Would she be able to fit the missing pieces of the puzzle together? Or was Pintos doomed never to know who she truly is?


We all have those gut instincts that kick in when we know something but can't quite put our finger on it.

From Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires, Pintos had this nagging feeling. In 2016, she found out that she may have been right.

[Left] Silvina Martinez Pintos; [Right] Silvina Martinez Pintos as a baby.┃Source; facebook.com/Silvina Martinez Pintos

[Left] Silvina Martinez Pintos; [Right] Silvina Martinez Pintos as a baby.┃Source; facebook.com/Silvina Martinez Pintos


The then-31-year-old made a jaw-dropping discovery while looking at a photo of her mother. This picture was taken right before she was meant to give birth to Pintos.



Pintos noticed that something or someone that was supposed to be there wasn't. This missing person was, in fact, herself, as her mom was not pregnant in the picture.

The answer everyone has been itching to hear is, was she able to find her...?

This led Pintos to believe that the woman who had raised her was not her biological mom. She took to the internet to ask her fellow online detectives to help her solve this mystery.



She shared multiple photos in a Facebook post that she has since updated. These included a picture of her as a baby and an adult. Sharing her story Pintos said she would love to find her blood-related mom. She wrote:

"I would love to hear from that girl who had me and gave birth to me."

The 31-year-old said she found out that her biological mother was 16 years old when she had her. Also, she shared that she was born at 11:30 a.m.


She said that the doctor who delivered her was Doctor Ricardo Carminatti. She shared that she was born in the Modelo clinic.


Understandable anger and pain may drive many to solve a puzzle like this. But, Pintos Pintos had another motivation as she wrote:


"I would be interested in finding her -- not to judge her,... I just wanna know who i look like if I have siblings."

She also pointed out that she wanted to find them to understand her own identity. On top of this, Pintos told the other Facebook users that she was struggling to get answers from her adoptive mom and that her adoptive dad had died.


The answer everyone has been itching to hear is, was she able to find her biological mom using the power of the internet?


Well, there was a massive response. The updated post has reached thousands of people with 2400 reactions, 1100 comments, and 1900 shares.

This considerable response was cause for hope. But, those dreams were crushed. So far, there have been no reports of a reunion. Either way, Pintos is still appreciative of all the help, writing:

"Thank you to everyone who was sharing my story and those who have offered their help!!"

Hopefully, one day, Pintos will be able to wrap her arms around her biological mother. With luck, all her questions will be answered, and she will find out who she truly is.



Pintos's story shows us that intuition is a powerful force. Crystal Dangel also followed these instincts to discover the truth about her biological heritage.

Her parents told her she was switched at birth when she was young. Her mom said she would help her find her blood-related roots when she was older but neglected to keep that promise.

So Dangel went on her own mission. She used a DNA test that showed her dad was not her biological father. She told her mom, whose weird response made alarm bells go off -- Dangel's instincts were calling.


Then, she found out via the company that ran her dad's test why her mother was acting so strange -- she was, after all, Dangel's biological mom!

Dangel eventually discovered that she was conceived via a one-night-stand -- a massive shock to the system.

Is there any mystery or unanswered question that bothers you? Are you willing to open that door, or do you believe it is better to leave it shut forever?

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