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Jamie Lee Curtis’s Trans Daughter Prepares for Her Wedding Wherein the Actress Will Play a Big Role

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 18, 2022
08:15 A.M.
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Coming out to your parents is never easy, especially if they are "Halloween" star Jamie Lee Curtis and "Family Tree" creator Christopher Guest. When Ruby Guest did it, her famous mother cried.


Hollywood power couple Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest have a beautiful and long marriage – one of the longest in showbiz, spanning almost four decades.

In the 1980s and 1990s, they adopted Annie and Ruby Guest. For years, Ruby was known as Tom, but she started questioning her sexuality during her teenage years. Curtis was supportive, but she had difficulty coming to terms with her daughter's sexual identity.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Guest (now Ruby Guest) on October 29, 2012, in Hollywood, California. | Source: Getty Images


When Ruby, who works as a video editor for a gaming YouTuber, was 16, a transgender friend asked what her gender was. She said male, but she was not convinced because she knew she was different

A bad experience in therapy prevented her from coming out as trans, but seven years later, she could no longer hide her true self. Rudy told her now-fiancé, Cynthia, that she might be trans, and Cynthia assured her they loved her for who she was.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest on May 22, 2014 in Century City, California | Source: Getty Images


In 2020, Ruby gathered her parents to come out as trans, but it was so scary that she couldn't do it. She eventually shared the news with her mother via text message, and Curtis called her immediately.

The actress confessed she cried during that conversation. The adjustment process has been slow and long because she and her husband have to get used to a new language, terminology, and words.

Ruby's family was not completely blindsided, though. When she was still Tom, she had a boyfriend, used the word "bisexual," and even chose female avatars in video games. Still, Curtis never imagined she was trans.


A parent's love is stronger than pretty much everything, so Curtis and Guest supported her daughter in her journey. The actress even said she and Guest watched in "wonder and pride" how Tom became Ruby. 

Ruby and her partner will have a "World of Warcraft" cosplay wedding.

However, getting used to the pronoun took time. As of October 2021, Curtis and her husband still made mistakes. It didn't upset Ruby, though, because she knew it was part of the process. 


Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter made headlines again in March 2022 when the "Freaky Friday" star celebrated her daughter's 26th birthday on social media. She wrote in the caption: 

"As a proud parent of my trans daughter I VOW to use my freedom of speech and my right to vote to SUPPORT my child and ALL children trying to live FREELY as who they are."

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on his show, Curtis shared details on Ruby's May 2022 wedding, including that she will officiate it. 

The ceremony's theme is also unusual: Ruby and her partner will have a "World of Warcraft" cosplay wedding in the family home's backyard. 

Jamie Lee Curtis explained every guest would be in costume. Hers will be admiral Jaina Proudmoore, which she got on Etsy. What a supportive family!