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Jaclyn Smith Still Lives in Luxury Home She Bought in 1991 & Raised Her 2 Kids In — Inside Her Mansion

Karabo Baloyi
Apr 21, 2022
06:20 A.M.
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Following the global success of "Charlie's Angels," actress Jaclyn Smith bought a mansion in 1991 and dedicated a lot of her time to turning it into the perfect home. Here's what it looks like inside. 


Actress Jaclyn Smith always tried to treat her two children, Spencer-Margaret and Gaston, well. Despite her stardom, Jaclyn tried to make her children feel as special as her mother made her feel. She constantly tried to keep her children out of the public eye as much as possible.  

But despite her best efforts, her children catching the attention of the media often left her feeling that she betrayed her children. Nonetheless, she kept a strong bond with her mother through daily phone calls. 

A photograph of actress Jaclyn Smith for the 'Charlie's Angels" advertisement gallery, ctress Jaclyn Smith, daughter Spencer Richmond and son Gaston Richmond attend the Inner Circle for Los Angeles Childrens Museum's Fifth Annual Halloween Carnival and Fashion Show on October 16, 1988 at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California., Jaclyn's home. | Source: Getty Images/Instagram



In 1991 Jaclyn bought a six-bedroom, six-bath Georgian Colonial mansion in the Holmby Hills of Los Angeles. She immediately dedicated her love for older houses to every room in her mansion. 

"It's a great family home with a lot of sunlight coming through the windows," she says, "and it's surrounded by a lot of land," she said. Inside the house, her sentimental tastes are reflected in images of her family.

The home also has a lot of comfortable-looking furniture. "I love the 18th Century, but I also love comfort, so our upholstery pieces are modern—pieces that you can sink into," she added


Jaclyn redid every room in the house, even though the kitchen was the only room that needed renovation. Jaclyn also loved the amenities offered by the property. A tennis court for Gatson, a pool for Spencer-Margaret, and office space for both her and heart surgeon Dr. Brad Allen.

Jaclyn credits her mom for her meet-up with Brad. “My dad was in the hospital having heart surgery and Brad was the surgeon,” she reflected.

Jaclyn said, "With the success of Charlie's Angels, I was finally able to buy my own home, but only what I could afford, a place that needed some fixing up." Her husband was grateful when she replaced fabric walls in the master bedroom with wallpaper. "He felt like he was living in a hatbox," she said


Jaclyn became passionate about ensuring that her home was perfect for her and her family. She allowed her children to have bedrooms that reflected their tastes, even if they contradicted the style of the house. 

Her tastes are very elegant. Her home features floral accents, reupholstered chairs, and patterned floor tiles. Her entrance has a long spiral staircase. Her foyer has high ceilings, crown moldings on the walls and doors, and a giant vintage-looking center table. 

Throughout the house, Jaclyn's love of roses is easy to see. The fireplace has a large mirror above it, and the mantle is covered in vases and other antiques. She also loves colorful furniture, with several armchairs featuring rose prints or bird prints on them.


Her formal dining room, where she loves to host guests, features a crystal chandelier and a formal wood table and chairs. The dining room wallpaper is an elegant emerald green with floral accents.

“Even when it’s just me, my husband, Brad, and the dogs, my house feels full.”

The mansion also has large columns in certain parts, and the dining room floor has a chequered pattern. The open space concept in the living areas creates lots of space for entertaining guests.


The mansion also has a large garden showing Jaclyn's love for flowers. She posted an image in August 2021 showcasing some of her roses. Her garden also has regal design touches like a spherical statue. Jaclyn reflected that she kept her children's bedrooms, even long after they moved out:

 “I still keep their rooms the same—resisting the urge to redecorate—so that they know they have a place to come home to.”

She had a dollhouse installed for her granddaughter in the garden to enjoy tea parties with her. The dollhouse is white with emerald green accents. It also has a set of thicker chairs and a table for tea parties. 



Jaclyn married her current husband, Brad; she married three times. She and actor Roger Davis were married from 1968 to 1975. She later married fellow actor Dennis Cole from 1978 until 1981.

During her third marriage to Tony Richmond, she became a mom to son Gaston, born in 1982, and daughter Spencer Margaret, born in 1985. Her marriage ended in 1989.

Jaclyn credits her mom for her meet-up with Brad. "My dad was in the hospital having heart surgery and Brad was the surgeon," she reflected. Jaclyn’s mother didn't want her walking to the parking lot by herself, so Brad offered to walk her every night she visited her dad in the hospital.


Actress Jaclyn Smith and her Husband Brad Allen attend the 2016 Women's Guild Annual Spring Luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on April 14, 2016 in California. | Source: Getty Images.

Seven years after meeting, they married in Los Angeles. Looking back on her marriage in 2017, she said, "Looking back over time is wonderful; we have similar values and upbringing; spiritually, we think the same."


Much like Jaclyn, Brad loves their Los Angeles mansion. She added that she felt warm and protected at home with Brad. "Even when it's just me, my husband, Brad, and the dogs, my house feels full," she said. Her home is filled with reminders of the life she has led:

In my office, I keep scrapbooks and bound volumes of all the Charlie’s Angel's scripts and pictures of friends I’ve made through the years. Yes, it’s a little sentimental, but it also reminds me to keep everyone I love in my prayers.

Jaclyn also reflected that even with all the renovating she did on her home, it was not the fabric and color that made her mansion a home. It was the presence of all the people she loved and cared about, who know that they are always welcome.