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Meghan Markle Felt Sorry for Kate Who Had to Put Makeup & Heels on Hours after Giving Birth, Source Claims

Esther NJeri
Apr 20, 2022
12:30 P.M.
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New mothers posing for photos mere hours after childbirth has always been a tradition in the royal family. However, Meghan Markle chose to go against the rules and felt sorry for Middleton for going through that ordeal.


The Royal House runs on many rules regarding pregnancy and childbirth. They all have to follow the protocol, from the mothers posing for photos to choosing their children's names. And despite Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton marrying real-life princes, their views on the old as time traditions have always differed. 

Meghan Markle chose to disregard all protocol and preferred having her way tradition when it came to her carrying her pregnancies and bringing forth her children. At the same time, Middleton complied duly with every one of them. 


Pregnancies are different for every woman. While some have it easy, others are not as lucky and experience the natural process with its challenges. Middleton falls under the latter. Her three pregnancies were always strenuous, and she was always sick during the period.


During an interview on motherhood with presenter Giovanna Fletcher, Middleton shared that she often looked forward to labor as it would mean the pregnancy period was over.

Prince William and Kate Middleton in Stockholm Sweden on January 31 2018 | Source: Getty Images


However, she disclosed how fascinated she was that her body could still bring forth healthy babies despite the challenges during the pregnancy. She shared

"It was definitely a challenge. Not just for me, but also for your loved ones around you, and I think that's the thing - being pregnant and having a newborn baby and things like that impacts everybody in the family." 

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton with their newborn Prince Louis outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London England on April 23, 2018 | Source: Getty Images


According to royal tradition, after her children came to the world, the Duchess of Cambridge had to present her newborns to the press and the world by posing outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London, an experience that terrified her to the bones. 

She had this to say: "Everyone had been so supportive and both William and I were really conscious that this was something that everyone was excited about, and you know we're hugely grateful for the support that the public had shown us, and actually for us to be able to share that joy and appreciation with the public," she continued:

"I felt was really important. But equally, it was coupled with a newborn baby, and inexperienced parents, and the uncertainty of what that held, so there were all sorts of mixed emotions."


A comparison photo between Princess Diana and Prince Charles wth baby William onJune 22 1982 [Left] and Prince William, Kate Middleton with Prince George on April 23, 2018 [Right] both outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London England | Source: Getty Images

Gracious as she is, she complied with protocol and posed with her babies just hours after childbirth. But one detail that may have eluded many is that while posing with her sons, Middleton also paid homage to Princess Diana by donning a similar dresses to the ones Diana wore outside the hospital with Harry and William. 



Despite Middleton duly complying with the tradition, Markle chose a different path. After she became pregnant with their first child, Archie, the Sussexes decided to keep the details of his birth private and only share the details with the public after they celebrated privately as a family.


Contrary to Middleton, Markle did not want to experience any difficulties with her pregnancy, thus the need to remain private. While Markle and Harry were immensely grateful for the goodwill they received from people worldwide as they prepared to welcome their baby, a statement released at the time said, as Time reports:

"Their Royal Highnesses have taken a personal decision to keep the plans around the arrival of their baby private" 

That meant that the former "Suits" actress would not pose for photos outside the hospital wing with her newborn, and neither would she release her baby's name immediately after birth. Instead, they would host a "photocall" at Windsor Castle a few days after the birth.


Even more intriguing was that when Meghan Markle was pregnant with Lilibet, she stepped even further away from royal rules and traditions. It also became evident that while it was tradition to consult The Queen about befitting baby names for royal kids, Markle and Harry did not ask The Queen whether to use the name Lilibet for their baby girl.

It is also in line that The Queen is the first person to be notified about the arrival of a royal baby before the announcement is made public. Usually, the parties involved reportedly contact her through an encrypted telephone with the good news. Even more baffling about Markle and Harry's daughter is that she has never met her great-grandmother close to a year after her birth. 



It is not strange to expect that being married to brothers would automatically make Markle and Middleton friends, or close acquaintances, at least. Still, on the contrary, there has always been tension between the two duchesses, with several instances almost tearing the Cambridges and Sussexes apart.

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle | Source: Getty Images


For instance, Markle reportedly made Middleton cry over an incident right before her and Harry's wedding about the flower girls' dresses. However, during Markle and Harry's highly televised interview with Oprah, Meghan claimed that the opposite was true and that Middleton had, infact, made her cry.

Markle disclosed that while she had long apologized for the incident, the royal family would not let her tell her truth, and she had to bear the pressure from the press about the incident for a long time after it happened. 

And yet, Markle declared that she was not angry at Middleton and instead felt sorry for her for having to follow royal protocol even when it came to matters as private as childbirth. Middleton had to face the media in a dress, makeup, impeccable hair, and heels only hours after giving birth for "forced baby photos." 


Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton on July 2 2021 in London England | Source Getty Images

Markle also admitted feeling "disappointed" at the failed attempt at building a friendship between her and Middleton. According to the Sussexes unofficial biography, "Finding Freedom," Markle felt Middleton was "an extremely guarded person" with a tight-knit group of friends - which stopped the two women from getting friendly. They were "just too different," and as the authors wrote, as Mirror reports:


 "Meghan would agree with the assessment that the duchesses were not the best of friends."

Fortunately, the birth of Princess Charlotte helped the pair bond, but sadly, theirs did not bloom into a full-blown friendship. Reports say they have never been close since Harry introduced Markle to the family. The book confirms that Markle and Middleton's relationship hadn't progressed much since she was Harry's girlfriend.