Prince Harry's Daughter Lilibet Diana Takes Her 1st Steps — Inside His Life as a 'Proud Papa'

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 22, 2022
06:00 P.M.
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Prince Harry is a doting father to two beautiful children and could not be more excited about fatherhood. His daughter, Lilibet, recently reached a new milestone, which he revealed during an interview. Find out what it was. 


The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, is one of many men who has been in the limelight in the past months for negative reasons. 

While some netizens may consider him rebellious, to his wife, Meghan Markle, he is the best husband and father to their two beautiful children. Currently, Harry considers family, especially his kids, as his foremost priority.

[Left] Prince Harry holding an Invictus Games baby grow for his then-newborn son Archie during the launch of the Invictus Games on May 9, 2019 in The Hague, Netherlands. [Right] Prince Harry and Meghan Markle holding their son Archie Mountbatten-Windsor on September 25 2019 | Source: Getty Images


He hopes to be an incredible father to his two children, seeing that his relationship with his father has been dampened since Markle's controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. 

Two months after the big revelation, the Duke opened up about the relationship between him and his father, Prince Charles.

The father of two blamed Charles for the growing rift between them. According to Harry, as a child, his father would always insist that things had to happen in a certain way because it was the same for him when he was young. 

Picture of Prince Harry | Source: Getty Images


Harry believed that it was not right, as a parent must ensure that their kids do not suffer the negative experiences they had suffered.

During a conversation on the Armchair Expert podcast, the Duke explained that he would try his best to break the cycle of genetic pain so that his children would not suffer what he suffered. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend the 2019 Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on March 11, 2019 in London, England | Source: Getty Images


Irrespective of the rift between Harry and his father, the Duke still shares a good relationship with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

In April 2022, he checked on the Monarch to ensure the right people surrounded her. For Harry, family is essential, so he is keen on being available for his loved ones, especially his wife and children. Harry said:

"When I was in the Army, I promised myself I would be out before having a wife and kids because I couldn't imagine the headache of being apart for so long during deployment[...]my family's life could be changed forever if that happened." 

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are greeted by five-year-old Luke Vincent as they arrive at Dubbo Airport on October 17, 2018 in Dubbo, Australia | Source: Getty Images


Over the years, the Duke of Sussex has been open about fatherhood and how he considers it his most significant achievement. He welcomed his first child, Archie, on May 6, 2019; Harry revealed that it was one of the most amazing experiences he could imagine. 

The former British senior Royal citizen was thrilled to finally have a child and be the incredible father he had always wanted. While delivering a speech at the Wellchild Awards one year later, Harry reflected on when he first knew he would be a dad and broke down in tears.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attending an Invictus Games Friends and Family reception at Zuiderpark on April 15, 2022 in The Hague, Netherlands. | Source: Getty Images


Speaking about seriously ill children and how brave their parents and carers are, Harry said he realized as a new dad that he would do anything to protect and help his child if they were born with any challenge.



Archie will be three years old in May 2022, and for such a young child, he has big dreams and aspirations. During the opening ceremony of the fifth Invictus Games, Harry noted that whenever he talks to Archie about his future career aspirations, the little boy says he wants to be an astronaut or a pilot.

The proud dad added: "But what I remind him is that no matter what you want to be when you grow up, it's your character that matters most, and nothing would make his mum and me prouder than to see him have the character of what we see before us today."

Picture of Meghan Markle with her son, Archie | Source: Getty Images


Aside from discussing Archie's potential career choice, the father and son have discussed various other topics, including disability. Harry once showed his son a video of people with disabilities playing sports and explained that some even had injuries that could not be seen.

According to the Duke, he showed Archie the video not because he asked but because the children understood a lot, and seeing the unfiltered and honest emotions through the little boy's eyes was amazing.



It is no news that Markle's time with the Royal Family was laced with many difficulties, which she revealed during the Oprah Winfrey interview. The former actress claimed to have suffered from mental health issues and was neglected by the Royal Family members.

A few months after the Winfrey interview, Harry made it known that his wife had told him about her suicidal thoughts. However, committing suicide would have been unfair to the Duke, who lost his mom at a young age, so Markle could not proceed.


That was not the only time Harry revealed that he had almost lost his wife. During a chat session, he relayed that when he and Markle met, he struggled with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

One day, the couple had an argument during which Markle told her husband that he needed to see a therapist. Annoyed by her statement, Harry flared up, but only after the incident that he knew he would need to work on himself or lose Markle.

Picture of Meghan Markle in her living room | Source: Youtube/ America's Got Talent


"I knew that if I didn't do the therapy and fix myself that I was going to lose this woman who I could see spending the rest of my life with," Harry explained.

Today, the Duke appears to have dealt with his anxiety and depression. He lives happily with his wife and kids in America. Harry and his wife are owners of a beautiful mansion in Montecito, California. The 18,000 square feet on five acres of land property has nine bedrooms and 16 bathrooms.


The property also houses a separate guest house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The main house includes a library, a gym, a spa with a separate dry and wet sauna, and a wine cellar.

The house also contains an arcade, a games room, a movie theater, and a garage parking for five cars. Outside the house, there is an immeasurable lawn space with tiered rose gardens, a tea house, a tennis court, a pool, and even a children's cottage.


The couple has a structure in the backyard where Archie keeps his rescue chickens. Aside from caring for his chickens, Archie also goes to school.

He has started nursery school in a school that teaches emotional literacy, mindfulness, and how to be kind. Harry drops his son at school and picks him up, and parents can attest that the Duke seems like a good father.


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex talks with Prince Charles in the company of her husband Prince Harry and Prince William on March 11, 2019 in London, England | Source: Getty Images


Harry and Markle welcomed their second child on June 4, 2021, at 11:40 a.m. at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in California. Lilibet "Lili" Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, who weighed seven pounds and 11 ounces, was named after her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and whose nickname is Lilibet.

The little girl's middle name was also given to her to tribute to her late grandmother Diana, the Princess of Wales, who tragically passed away in 1997. 


Since her arrival, Lili has yet to meet many members of the Royal Family. However, it was alleged that the little girl met her great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, via a video call.

Baby Lili remains a joy to her family, and like other healthy children, she is advancing normally. She recently took her first steps, and Harry shared the news during an interview with People. In his words:

"Her current priorities are trying to keep up with her brother; she took her first step just a few days ago!"

The Duke and his wife could not be happier with their daughter's new milestone. Hopefully, they will always be around to watch baby Lili attain new heights as she continues to thrive.