Mom Who Works at Grocery Store Hears Daughter Is Ashamed to Invite Her to Her Luxurious Wedding — Story of the Day

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Apr 27, 2022
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The mom was disheartened to overhear that she wouldn't be a part of her daughter's wedding. But she didn't let her daughter off the hook and taught her a lesson the hard way.


Rebecca Layton was a single mother who raised her daughter Jennifer on her own. Rebecca's husband, Peter, died when Jennifer was just two years old, and after that, she was forced to work to provide for both of them.

Rebecca adored Jennifer so much that she put all of her ambitions on hold to devote her full attention to her. She wanted her daughter to have a better future than her, so despite having a low-wage job as a shop assistant at a grocery store, she did her best to ensure Jennifer never missed out on anything.

Jennifer was Rebecca's world. | Source: Shutterstock

Jennifer was Rebecca's world. | Source: Shutterstock

Rebecca couldn't finish university since she got pregnant during her first year and suffered health problems later, forcing her to drop out. However, when it was time for Jennifer to enroll in university, she supported her daughter in fulfilling her dream and enrolling in the course of her choice. But when Jennifer was in her senior year of college, history repeated itself.


"I'm pregnant, mom," she told Rebecca one night over dinner. "My boyfriend, Ron, well...he promised he'd accept responsibility for the child. He even proposed to me, and we intend to marry after the baby is born."

"Jennifer?" Rebecca looked at her, stunned. "Are you sure about this? See, I am always there to support you, but raising a child is no joke! You need to think about the expenses and—"

"Ron's dad is a millionaire businessman, mom! He has all the money in the world! Can you please stop being so bossy? I'm an adult; I can make my own decisions!" she grumbled.

Rebecca was upset that Jennifer didn't even listen to what she had to say, but she was glad that Jennifer would have a brighter future. Ron was wealthy, so there would be no need to worry about Jennifer and their child.

Jennifer revealed she was expecting a child with her boyfriend. | Source: Unsplash

Jennifer revealed she was expecting a child with her boyfriend. | Source: Unsplash


Several months passed. When Jennifer's child was born, she and Ron moved to a new home that Ron's parents had purchased for them. Jeniffer and Ron were still attending university, so Jennifer asked Rebecca to look after baby Lily when they were out.

"You remember the instructions, right, mom?" Jennifer asked Rebecca one day as she and Ron were heading for college.

"I have to feed Lily twice. I shouldn't forget her meds, and I don't have to leave her alone," Rebecca responded cheerfully. "I know everything, honey. You may rest assured."

"Ugh, not that, mom!" Jennifer responded. "Don't touch anything other than what I've instructed you! We have expensive items in this house; if something breaks, we'll be saddled with a hefty bill! We're leaving, bye!"

Rebecca frowned. "You're still a child, Jennifer," she muttered. "When will you realize you are a mother now? You need to stop being so reckless! Watch out what you say to others!"

Rebecca stepped in to look after baby Lily when Jennifer was away. | Source: Pexels

Rebecca stepped in to look after baby Lily when Jennifer was away. | Source: Pexels


Two days later, Rebecca was babysitting Lily till late evening. When Jennifer got home, Rebecca told her that she wanted to have dinner with her as she was too tired to go home and cook. However, Jennifer flatly refused her.

"No, mom, that won't be possible!" she said. "Ron's parents are coming over, and you need to leave."

"What? Why? It's good that we all can have dinner together."

"This is not the time to argue, mom! They could be home any time. You need to leave now!" she ordered, fetching Rebecca's overcoat and bag and tossing them to her.

Rebecca was devastated that day, and she sobbed all the way home. The next time Jennifer asked her to babysit Lily, Rebecca had second thoughts. However, she eventually agreed.

Jennifer returned home early that day, and she asked Rebecca to prepare Lily's porridge before she left. Rebecca was in the kitchen while Jennifer walked to her bedroom with Lily. When she was done, Rebecca went to notify Jennifer about it, and just then, she heard something through her ajar bedroom door — Jennifer talking to her friend Teresa about her wedding.

Rebecca was heartbroken after she overheard Jennifer. | Source: Pexels

Rebecca was heartbroken after she overheard Jennifer. | Source: Pexels


"Of course, Teresa, wedding preparations are in full swing. After all, it's only two weeks away. Graduation is this week, and Ron and I will officially be man and wife next week! But I haven't told Mom yet. I don't want her there!"

Rebecca's heartbeat quickened. "What? Jennifer is already planning the wedding and hasn't told me? Why?"

"What exactly do you mean, why?" Jennifer continued on the phone. "See, Ron wants to hold it here in New York because that's where he grew up. And you can bet the attendees will be elite, including his father's business associates and even some celebrities. Then look at mom, Teresa!

"She freakin' works at a grocery store! You've seen her hands, haven't you? It's all rough and tough from years of working at that low-wage establishment. No manicure will be able to eliminate the grime that has accumulated on her hands from the groceries. So she's not on the guest list!"

Rebecca couldn't believe her daughter's comments. Tears flowed as she left the house that day and sobbed herself to sleep that night. Feeling so depressed the next morning, she didn't even go to work. She walked over to the cupboard and took out the wooden box containing all her funds for Jennifer's wedding.


She sat on her bed and decided not to attend Jennifer's wedding but promised herself that she would make Jennifer aware of how wrong it was to mock her.

Rebecca had saved up for Jennifer's wedding. | Source: Pexels

Rebecca had saved up for Jennifer's wedding. | Source: Pexels

So during Jennifer's graduation week, Rebecca lied that she'd hurt her leg and would be bedridden for two weeks. Jennifer was relieved that barring her "filthy" mother from the wedding was now a simple task. But days before the wedding, Jennifer suddenly changed her mind. She felt ashamed of herself and couldn't stop crying as she received a package from Rebecca.

Inside she found an embroidered shawl decorated with tiny roses and a note addressed to her.

"Dear Jennifer,


I'm really sorry that my hands aren't clean enough to attend your high-class wedding. Whether the child likes their mother or not, a mother's heart would always melt for them. It is not a letter to insult or taunt you, as you may believe. Instead, I wanted to express my regret to you.

I wanted to apologize for changing your diapers when you were a newborn with my filthy hands. Sorry for holding you for countless evenings as I sang you a lullaby so you could sleep peacefully. Sorry once more that these dirty hands also assisted you in your first steps as a baby, packed groceries so you could go to college, looked after your baby, and prepared a gift (the shawl you see) for the most important day of your life, sacrificing sleep for five nights in a row.

Jennifer couldn't stop crying after reading Rebecca's note. | Source: Pexels

Jennifer couldn't stop crying after reading Rebecca's note. | Source: Pexels


I hope that when Lily grows up, she never refers to you or your hands as dirty and looks down on you like you did to me. Honey, I wish you a happy married life. I would always hope for the best for you.

With love,


Jennifer was supposed to get this letter and the wedding gift from Rebecca the day after the wedding, but fate intervened, and she received it much sooner. Her tears continued to fall as she read the letter, and she dashed to her mother's house.

When Rebecca answered the door, Jennifer hugged her and sobbed uncontrollably. "I'm truly sorry, Mom. You're attending the wedding. If you are not present, I am canceling everything! I am such a bad daughter. I'm sorry."

"Jennifer, what happened?" asked Rebecca, confused.

"I received your letter, Mom. I'm really embarrassed about what I was going to do! I'll tell you what, I've changed my mind. The wedding will not take place in New York. Mom, it'll be in my hometown, and you'll be there!" she promised Rebecca.

The next day, she told Ron about it and canceled the wedding. Everyone was shocked, but Jennifer didn't change her mind. One week later, the wedding took place in her hometown, and she donned Rebecca's embroidered shawl instead of the veil as she walked down the aisle with her.


What can we learn from this story?

  • Never disrespect your parents; they go to extreme lengths for you. Jennifer finally recognized how much her mother had done for her and apologized to her.
  • All jobs should be treated equally. Jennifer realized she was wrong to mock Rebecca because she was a grocery shop assistant.

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