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Woman Suspects Son’s Wife of Hiding Her Past and Secretly Does a DNA Test on Her Grandkid

Rita Kumar
Apr 30, 2022
03:40 A.M.
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The man's mother knew something was cloudy about his wife's past. Her suspicions blew up when she began doubting her grandson's paternity. So, she decided to find the truth through the DNA test kit she'd secretly ordered online.


Redditor Hot-Priority-8821 had always known how his parents had harbored deep resentment for their daughter-in-law. But one incident stood out after he caught his mom putting something into his baby nephew's mouth and then back into her bag.

Moments later, the Original Poster (OP) realized that it was an at-home DNA test kit. OP's mother said she wanted to make sure the baby was biologically related to the family due to the daughter-in-law's rocky background.

OP's parents resented their daughter-in-law due to her shaky past. | Source: Pexels


Posting on Reddit's "AITA" forum, OP first described the family, especially the sister-in-law, who seemingly had a very turbulent past. OP's parents disliked the woman after they found some disturbing details about her background. So, OP was pretty sure they'd hired a private investigator on her.

As it turned out, the woman had a long history of absconding from her house since she was 14. She had been in the system, went to rehab, and had a few other unpleasant issues under her name. But the only good thing that probably happened to her was meeting OP's brother.

When the paternity test results arrived a few weeks later, OP saw a drastic change in his mom's behavior.


The woman was stable and had a job when she met the guy. The two fell in love, but OP's parents objected to it, particularly after the woman constantly refused to talk about her family and her past. However, the real problem sparked when she fell pregnant and welcomed a baby boy. 

Problems sparked after OP's sister-in-law welcomed her baby. | Source: Unsplash


OP's parents were furious and believed the baby wasn't their son's. They faked liking her after OP's brother threatened to never speak to them if they didn't accept her. But they continued to gossip while the woman's cloudy past fueled their doubts.

OP's mom decided to take things into her own hands and ordered an at-home DNA test kit online. She was busy taking the samples from the baby when OP caught her red-handed and asked her what she was doing.

The woman was shocked because she wanted to keep the paternity test a secret. So, when OP confronted her, she brushed it off and told him to mind his business.

But when OP pressed his mom for the truth, she told him straight to the face that she wanted to verify the baby was related to the family. She was confident her son wouldn't know unless somebody told him and threatened OP she wouldn't pay for his car and college if the matter leaked. 


OP's mother secretly DNA-tested her grandson. | Source: Pexels

OP was stunned because his mom had never threatened to such an extent. When the paternity test results arrived a few weeks later, OP saw a drastic change in his mom's behavior. She was very nice to her daughter-in-law, and it was apparent that the results revealed her son was the child's father.


Although their relationship got off to a fresh start, the last straw happened when OP's sister-in-law was caught cheating on her husband. The news crushed everyone, especially OP's brother, as he'd done so much for her.

The couple eventually split, so OP's mom decided it was time to tell her son about the secret paternity test she'd taken on his child. To her disbelief, the man's reaction stumped her.

The sister-in-law's infidelity destroyed her marriage. | Source: Pexels


OP's brother was crushed and wondered if anybody else in the family knew about the paternity test. Although OP's dad backed out from taking any blame, OP couldn't lie again. OP admitted to knowing the truth and even explained how his mom gave an ultimatum. However, OP's brother was unmoved.

He was mad at OP for hiding the truth, but OP stood by his point till the end. He refused to apologize after the brother demanded an apology and asked the internet for an outside perspective. 

After refusing to apologize to his brother, OP asked Reddit for input. | Source: Unsplash


The post's top-voted commenter, nathashanails, sided with OP and called the mom out for threatening him, stating:

"You were only 17, still a kid. Your mom threatened you. She threatened your entire future by saying she wouldn't pay for your college!"

Meanwhile, Redditor not_princess_leia set the alarm bells ringing for OP, saying: "Also, OP, remember how fake your parents were to your brother's partner if you someday have a partner."

User Aggressive-Meet1832 joined the squad of OP's supporters, and though the person declared OP as faultless, they wondered if the scenario was genuinely worthy of an apology.  


"If it is worth not doing and risking the relationship, that's totally your right, but I think this is one instance where I'd apologize for the circumstances and that you kept it secret to avoid punishment," the person asserted.

People on Reddit condemned OP's parents, especially his mom. | Source: Pexels


OP claimed he was upset about what happened but decided not to apologize for his mom's mistake. "I was being threatened and was literally 17," OP 



In the end, OP's brother was enraged, but it's unknown if OP apologized to him later, and only time will tell about what happened further.

In the end, OP stood his ground & refused to apologize to his brother for a mistake his mom made. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think a mere apology would fix the damage OP's mom inflicted on the family by secretly DNA-testing her grandson?

After his mom apologized for taking a secret paternity test on his son, OP's brother asked OP to express regret for hiding the truth. But would this apology sow the seeds of peace in OP's family? If you were the child's father, and should your mom do this to you, would you forgive her?

What would you do if you were OP and you've chanced upon your mom taking a secret paternity test on your/sibling's child?

When OP found their mom secretly DNA-testing her grandson, OP was livid but decided to keep calm after the woman threatened she wouldn't pay for OP's car and college. Would you take a stand against your mother, or would you let it slide if you were OP?

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