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Mom Takes Newborn Baby Daughter into Her Arms, Realizes She Has Red Eyes

Stephen Thompson
Apr 27, 2022
02:00 P.M.
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Life is full of many intrigues; sometimes, it is exciting, and other times, the issues dished out can have a devastating impact. However, through life, many experience extraordinary events that surpass human understanding. See how this young woman diagnosed as infertile gives birth to two kids.


Miracles happen to everyone, some may tag it as coincidence, but there are events in life that can not be subjected to logical reasoning.

For some, these unexpected blessings or wonders align with their expectations and beliefs, and they are quick to acknowledge them when it occurs.


Twenty-two-year-old Shannon Conarty and her partner, Tom Kane of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, are on this side of the boat. Although it was a shock when their miracle happened, they had prepared themselves to receive it.


In 2011, Conarty, a 15-year-old teen, was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), a condition prompted by hormonal imbalance. 

What ensued after the diagnosis was severe pains in her ovarian cysts, which also caused her weight to fluctuate. That was not all; the doctors revealed a bombshell: she had a minimal chance of natural conception, as the cysts had covered her fallopian tubes.



At the time of the diagnosis, she never considered getting treatment to ease her future pregnancy because she was still in high school.

However, when Conarty turned 17, she found her knight in shining armor. A mutual friend introduced her and Kane, an asbestos remover.

The pair struck a connection and became inseparable. As their romance progressed, Conarty confessed that she might never conceive, and Kane was empathetic to her plight.


However, when she turned 18, the lovebirds began to try for a baby. Sadly, it ended in futility, and they decided that Conarty would have an IVF if she did not conceive by 25.

Thankfully, as they persisted in their quest, it yielded the desired result. At the beginning of 2018, she became pregnant. In describing the pregnancy journey, she said:

"Tom and I were delighted. My pregnancy went without a hitch but I had extra scans to monitor me."



The couple had their first child, Ava, in September 2018. When she arrived, the new mom noticed some unique features. The baby had red eyes and white hair.

However, an all-excited Conarty thought "nothing of it." Two weeks after the child's birth, a health inspector noticed her appearance, leading to the parents being concerned.

A few weeks later, Ava was diagnosed with albinism. She did not produce enough melanin, the skin coloring pigment. The couple was told that their baby's condition is rare but inherited. So, they began to undergo genetic tests to determine which parent possessed the genes.


Ava would maintain her hair and eye color forever, and her eyes will remain sensitive to sunlight. They are yet to determine the magnitude of the conditions until she is older.


Conarty confessed that her daughter's unique looks often stir attention in public, adding that many strangers admire her hair and eye color. She said:

"Every time we leave the house, people comment how beautiful she is."


However, the young mother maintained that she struggles with what she may experience in the future. Conarty added:

"But despite the admiring remarks, I do worry about her when she gets older. Due to her sight problems, she'll be unable to drive and I worry about her being bullied." 


Whether or not Ava will have a hard time with her peers, her parents are willing to provide her with all the love and support that can boost her confidence because, according to Conarty, "she's our little miracle!"


In 2020, two years post Ava, Kane, and his partner welcomed another daughter, Billie May. She was born in November, and like her elder sister, she was diagnosed with albinism. 


Conarty is also in awe of her second child. Via an Instagram post, where she updated her followers on the baby's birth, the proud mother of two shared an adorable series of shots of the sleeping baby in a star-themed onesie.

Her accompanying caption read:

"She has albinism just like her big sister she's perfect in every way." 

Conarty's story is an inspiration to those who are hoping for their miracle. It shows that no matter the diagnosis, once one is willing to try and maintain unwavering faith, they are in line for a miracle!


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