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Cristin Milioti Does Not like Watching Herself On-Screen despite Being a Star in Season 2 of ‘Made for Love’

Bettina Dizon
Apr 27, 2022
03:54 A.M.
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Award-winning actress Cristin Milioti stars in HBO Max's "Made for Love," bringing to life the character of a trapped married woman. Despite her outstanding performance, Milioti admittedly feels weird watching herself on television.


Season 2 of "Made for Love" is premiering soon, and fans can't wait to catch a glimpse of their new favorite show's stars. The HBO Max sci-fi comedy explores the humorous side of marriage and technology while keeping fans engaged with each character.

Tony Award nominee Cristin Milioti will grace the screen as Hazel Green in the show's second season, after starring in "How I Met Your Mother" and appearing in the series "Black Mirror."

Jimmi Simpson, Cristin Milioti and Jesse Plemons during the U.S.S. Callister Mutato Building Event at the Mutato Building on August 7, 2018, in West Hollywood, California. | Source: Getty Images


Milioti is undoubtedly an outstanding actress with several accolades, including a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album, under her belt.

Her episode in "Black Mirror" also won four Primetime Emmy Awards and three other Emmy Awards. In "Made for Love," Milioti plays the wife of tech billionaire Byron Gogol (Billy Magnussen), whose marriage is filled with darkness.

Trapped within the corners of her home, Hazel's husband controls her every movement and even implanted a tracking device in her brain.


Although her character's story may seem extreme, some situations are realistic and even reflections of real-life circumstances of known individuals. The actress took the initiative to watch interviews of women who felt trapped in similar situations to get into character. Milioti said:

“I don’t want to name them because I don’t know what their reality is, but they are people who I always wondered if they were trapped in something that may be to the world seemed perfect.”

To keep things interesting, Milioti focuses on the fact that she is performing within a performance, such that her character is in the synthetic nature of her husband's home, otherwise known as The Hub.


Cristin Milioti during the 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards at Barker Hangar on June 16, 2018, in Santa Monica, California. | Source: Getty Images

Despite her talent and professionalism, fans are surprised to know that Milioti does not like watching herself on screen.


The actress is quite excited for fans to watch season two of “Made for Love,” where her character encounters more challenges, including living a double life with her husband and father.

In an interview with "Today," Milioti revealed that she was not fond of hearing her own voice. "It's weird," she said of playing a clip just to listen and watch herself.


Admittedly, she is proud of their work on "Made for Love" but cringes upon seeing her parts. Milioti added:

“[...] Cause it's so different in your brain when you're shooting it [...]. It's so hard to describe.”

Nevertheless, the actress is quite excited for fans to watch season two of "Made for Love," where her character encounters more challenges, including living a double life with her husband and father, played by actor Ray Romano.

Ray Romano is a seasoned actor who previously starred in "Everybody Loves Raymond," where he landed six Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. He took home the win in 2002 and, in the following years, shared two Emmy Awards as an executive producer.