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Granddaughter Picks up the Phone and Hears Her Crying Grandpa Who Asks Her to Come Over

Ayesha Muhammad
May 16, 2022
07:40 A.M.

When a woman received a call from her grandfather one day, something tugged at her heart. The phone call was followed by series of text messages came with a special request — one that she knew she couldn't refuse.


Grandparents and grandchildren share a lovely connection that cannot be put into words. There's something profoundly heartwarming about the bond between grandparents and their grandkids, and it only gets stronger with time.

Spending time with grandpas and grandmas happens to be the highlight of our fondest childhood memories. People tend to bond deeper with their grandparents even in adulthood, and the shared emotional connection is unlike anything we've ever experienced.


At AmoMama, we enjoy documenting stories that honor the love and friendship between grandparents and their grandchildren. So, continuing with this theme, we're sharing another incredibly heart-touching story of a unique duo that will hopefully brighten your day.


Megan Elizabeth grew up across the street from her grandparents' house in Illinois. She even stayed with them for some time and often spent her early childhood and teenage years in their precious company.

As was expected, the 29-year-old woman was highly attached to her grandfather and grandmother. Fortunately, her grandparents felt the same way about her and never missed a chance to shower her with tender love and care.



Growing up, Elizabeth keenly observed the relationship between her grandparents and was deeply moved by their never-ending love and affection for each other. The TikToker noted how her grandpa made her grandma feel like the only woman in the world.

When it was nighttime, the woman revealed that her granddad made her bed like he did when she was little and placed her favorite doll of her late grandma.

As a kid, she remembered her grandparents preparing sweet surprises for each other, including pasted notes on the fridge wall, romantic dates, random kisses, and waltzing in the living room.



Sadly, everything came crashing down when her grandmother died — a few years ago as of 2022 — from Alzheimer's. Elizabeth shared a video on her social media, and its caption read, "Why do you believe in an unbreakable love that lasts a lifetime?" Further, she wrote:

"Because my 92 year old grandpa showed me through example while my grandma was alive and slowly died through Alzheimer's. He reminds me that the love I want does exist and I won't have to beg for it."


The Illinois resident explained that she didn't like it when someone told her that her expectations were too high or she was condescending. Seeing her grandparents' love and devotion for each other had reportedly led her to want the same in life.

Losing the love of his life changed Elizabeth's grandpa most unexpectedly. The woman noted how he cried all the time and missed her presence immensely. Clearly, seeing the older man reeling from his wife's loss was a painstakingly difficult sight for his granddaughter.


One day, Elizabeth got a call from her grandfather. It turned out that he had been feeling incredibly lonely and wanted to spend the night with his granddaughter.


The young TikToker shared the sweet exchange of messages with her granddad on TikTok. His adorable text message read:

"Hi Megan it's grandpa. Would you like to come over and have a sleepover? I haven't been feeling well and miss you. We can order food and watch a mystery show. Love, grandpa."

Elizabeth was well aware that her grandfather had been going through a lot since her grandmother died. She mentioned that she never missed an opportunity to spend time with him and cheer him up.



So without hesitation, she immediately responded to her grandpa's message and wrote, "Yes! I'll be over around 7! Would you like me to get you something from the store or anything for dinner?" Her grandpa quickly responded:

"Could you pick up applesauce? The cinnamon kind. And if you go somewhere with [mashed] potatoes, I would like that because I have no teeth and can only eat soft things. Ha. Love you, Grandpa."

Elizabeth then told her grandpa she would see him soon. The delighted older man thanked her and called her "his favorite granddaughter." The TikToker light-heartedly noted in her video that she was his only granddaughter.



While she was getting ready to leave, her grandpa asked her if she could bring strawberry ice cream too. Elizabeth then drove to his place with the mashed potatoes from KFC, applesauce, and ice cream.

The duo watched the older man's favorite black and white murder mystery show. Elizabeth captured her loving grandpa eating the food and enjoying his ice cream cone while sitting comfortably on his sofa.

When it was nighttime, the woman revealed that her granddad made her bed like he did when she was little and placed her favorite doll of her late grandma. Then, he made sure his granddaughter had water for bed, gave her a flashlight in case she got scared and waved her good night.



As Elizabeth comfortably settled into her bed, she couldn't help but appreciate her grandpa's loving gesture. The teary-eyed TikTokter expressed:

"Staying here brings back so many good memories from my childhood. I love my grandpa so much."

After her sleepover, Elizabeth got up early the following day at 5:30 a.m. and had to leave immediately for work. Her 92-year-old grandfather also woke up to say goodbye and wish her a good day.



Undoubtedly, Elizabeth spending the night with her grandfather meant the world to him and helped him feel better and less lonely. The TikToker stated that her grandpa's health had been declining for a few years, and seeing her put him in a tranquil and happy state.

The woman explained that her grandpa is her best friend and hero, and he's the reason she believes in love and loyalty. Elizabeth's sleepover video became an instant viral sensation on TikTok, garnering more than 19,000 views and over 6,000 reactions.

Aren't Elizabeth and her grandfather the most adorable granddaughter-grandfather duo? Clearly, they share a closely-knit relationship, and their constant love, care, and affection are a pure treat to watch. Please share this lovely story with your family and friends.

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