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Marie Osmond 'Never Wanted' to Remarry after 2nd Divorce Yet Wed Her 1st Husband before Her Son's Wedding

Junie Sihlangu
May 14, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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Marie Osmond's first husband was Stephen Lyle Craig, and when the couple divorced, she moved on to someone else. After her second marriage failed, she vowed never to marry again, but she was wrong.


Marie Osmond met her husband, Stephen Lyle Craig, when she was just a teenager. The man she called the love of her life got her pregnant with Stephen Jr. less than a year after their marriage in 1982.

Craig and Osmond were married off by Reverend Sun-Myung Moon and six thousand other randomly paired couples. The wedding ceremony was held at the Unification Church in Seoul, Korea.


When Craig took the vocalist off the market, many men had their hearts broken. The songstress, who was at a crossroads professionally, was warned that her career would be over since she'd become pregnant with "Steve's" child.

She'd been performing since she was a young teenager. The star, who described Craig as her "eternal sweetheart" and "sweet husband," didn't anticipate that her marriage to him would eventually come to an end.


The couple "had some trouble" in their union, leading to their divorce in 1985. However, the man Osmond called "my forever Valentine" wasn't meant to be her first or last husband.

The star and the man she described as an "amazing husband," "first love," "my love," and the "love of my life" were destined to unite again but not after she met and married someone else. 


Marie Osmond and Brian Blosil at the event where Donny Osmond and Marie were honored with caricatures at Sardi's on October 27, 2006. | Source: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic/Getty Images


The "Read My Lips" singer found herself a single mother and didn't know how she would pay rent or feed her son. That's when she decided to go back to her singing career. 

She quickly moved on after her marriage to Craig failed. In 1986, she and Brian Blosil tied the knot; however, the couple was not happy over the 21 years of their relationship. 

Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond at a book signing for her new book "Behind the Smile" on May 1, 2001, in New York City. | Source: Diane L. Cohen/Liaison/Getty Images


The couple welcomed seven children during the marriage, but the pair "wasn't happy." The former "The Talk" co-host once opened up to "Masters Podcast Club" about how she eventually ended her relationship with Blosil, saying:

“I just went, ‘I can’t do this anymore.'”

Brian Blosil leaving his home on August 26, 2000, in Provo, Utah. | Source: George Frey/Getty Images


The musician recalled how her children came to her one day and told her to leave the marriage. She and Blosil divorced in 2007, with the star noting how she'd rushed into that relationship, stating:

“You have to be so careful not to jump into a relationship after you’ve been through a sad one. You really need time on your own [and] to know that you’re a good person in order to find a good person.”

Marie Osmond at the launch of the ''Marie Lifestyle Collection'' at Hallmark on November 21, 2009, in Las Vegas, Nevada. | Source: Denise Truscello/WireImage/Getty Images


In 2009, Osmond revealed that one of her regrets was not signing a prenuptial agreement before marrying her second husband. The "Paper Roses" singer supported Blosil with child support and alimony payments.

The star confessed she failed to think of her financial future when she married him because of how in love she was. Two years after the divorce, she was okay with the whole thing but said

"A prenup would have been a good idea [but] you just don't go into [a marriage] thinking you'll fail."

Michael Blosil, Marie, Donny, and Brandon Osmond at the 50th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California, on September 13, 1998. | Source: Margaret C. Norton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal/Getty Images


While married, one of Osmond's children that she adopted with Blosil was son Michael Bryan. He and Blosil became estranged years before he died by suicide at age 19 in 2010, and the parent didn't attend his funeral. 

Before the young man passed away, he'd petitioned to change his last name from "Blosil" legally. On his August 28, 2009 petition, Bryan revealed that he and his father had a strained relationship while living together. 

He also said he and Blosil didn't have a relationship at the time of the application. Therefore, Bryan had "no desire" to continue carrying his mother's ex-husband's last name but instead used Osmond's.



Even though it was years later, Osmond's only child and son with Craig spent years a "little scared" of them getting back together. "The Donny & Marie Show" star had no intention of getting married for a third time, stating

“I never wanted to be married again. I was like, ‘I’m fine, I’m good!’”


Her painful divorce from Blosil had made her sure she was done with tying the knot. However, Osmond was surprised when she and her first ex-husband reconnected because of their son. 

The television personality [Marie Osmond] once noted how a second marriage made one realize that the things one thought were important, actually weren't.


Stephen Jr. was set to marry the love of his life, and that's when his mother told Craig that they couldn't attend their son's wedding without being married themselves. The musician said:

“So we got married a few months before he did. He joked that he never thought it would happen, but it did!”


For their 2011 marriage, 29 years later, Osmond re-wore her Ret Turner wedding gown. She was 51 when she wore the full-skirted, long-sleeved dress but confessed she couldn't breathe in it!

She'd initially gotten a new gown done for the special day, but the dress "wasn't right" when she fit it on. The star found her old dress while cleaning out her garage five years before remarrying Blosil.


The former "Dancing With The Stars" participant seemed to have no regrets about remarrying her first love. While speaking to Closer Weekly, she said, "I know I'll never find anyone I love or respect more than Steve."

She was happy and looked forward to sharing her life with Craig, whom she described as a great father to her children and an "amazing man." The star was surprised that she'd fallen back in love with her ex-husband but figured it was something that couldn't be planned.


The television personality once noted how a second marriage made one realize that the things one thought were important weren't. Osmond expressed her love for Craig and described him as "the sweetest man I know."

She shared how her husband lived to serve and had the incredible skill of being able to listen to what people need. In 2022, the couple was still happily married and going strong. 

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